Double DIN Installation Proceedure w/front factory tweeters

Lincoln LS

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    keep in mind that you aftermarket radio will not happily drive 6 full range speakers, they only have an internal 4 channels amp (that with extreme exception, will not run at 2 ohm). so if you want to do this, you will need to disconnect the OEM speakers in the rear doors, or you will need to get a new amp to drive them (honestly the best recommendation).

    If you try to have all four rear speakers hooked up at the same time, you will either have to run the pairs in series, with with made the head unit run a half power and they will be much quieter that your front speakers. the other option would be to have the pairs wired in parallel, causing the radio to try to double its power. this will either cause the radio to go into protect mode and shut off (if you are lucky) or cause the amplifier to just burn up and ruin the radio.

    recap: dont try to run all four door speakers AND your new rear deck lid speakers all from the same radio without an external amp!

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