Brake Upgrade of the Day

Calipers were new AC Delco units for a 2005 CTS-V from Rockauto $150 each and of course the 5% discount code. Rotors are just Wearever units for a 2007 GT500 from Advance, $50 bucks each.
2011s are 6 pot Brembos

Yea the GT500s use the same "caliper" but the mounting ears are spaced much further apart. If you check out Vintage Venoms conversion kit you can see how much they had to move the bolt hole. And you end up with a fairly thick spacer behind the rotor to center everything up.
I love this its to bad they don't fit under 17s
And I made the stupid mistake modifying caliper
Brackets and filled the old holes before getting a good
reference for the new holes so I understand why yours
aren't welded up yet
Slow progress day today. The rebuilt master cylinder for the 56 caddy showed up yesterday so I had to give it some love today. I did get the original holes tapped just need to cut some threads on some bar stock and make my plugs. Thread them in, weld them up, then mill it flat....maybe tomorrow.

Correct part numbers for the calipers?

Right front #89047726

Left front #89047727
What do you think the odds are those could be fitted to 13" rotors? Judging by your pics, it "appears" it's possible.... Hmmm...
i'm thinking move the 13" cobras to the rear and rock these up front. Nice job man
To work on a 13 inch rotor you would need another hole directly below the one I drilled. That would be milling pretty far into the spidle at that point. Also i am not sure how the swept area would line up (I don't have any 13s laying around to check). I am sure it would be possible but I am not sure it is worth it.

- Alan
Only reason is the calipers are about the same cost as Cobras, but have 4 pistons..

Yeah, I was looking at that, and maybe add a piece of bar stock across the bolt heads...

Hmm... Put another round to it on the list...
Ok guys got back to work on it today. I filled the original holes in so now for lack of a better term this spindle is complete. Even managed to get the spacing right on the money.


very nice!
but, if we could ditch the V and get a Lincoln star please! ;)

im not going to lie, if Lincoln doesn't have the balls to make this kind of stuff their self, then i think a) we shouldn't give them any credit they dont deserve and b) we should give the props to the companies that do have the balls to build a real car!
Sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get the new engine built. I am building up a "new" k-member and plan on installing everything at once. Between the resto work on my friends 68 Mustang and having a kid now seems like I don't have time for my stuff.


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