Az meet

saw a custom plate today 'LRJ MK8'... anyone on here? black gen1 with black cloth top
Ill be in phoenix on November 12 if any one wants to get together. I will be at the hin show on November 13. Or maybe we can get together for a cruise on Sunday. Let me know
From Vegas Phoenix is just a fun cruise....

So when is there going to be another get together? I am in Sin City; a relatively new Mark VIII owner; have always had Fords- a 78 Bronco; my Baby- 89 5.0 Mustang GT Conv; a 80 Mark VII, 96 TownCar. Am looking forward to seeing some cool rides and getting some more ideas.
You know, I've tried a couple times to no avail. A date's been set before to meet at the Pavillions and I showed alone. I go all the time with my Focaljet (Ford Focus) friends and we rarely have a poor showing. The Lincoln crowd (ok, maybe not a crowd) are, well, seemingly less enthusiastic. Not sure what it really is but a G2G seems to be a difficult one to pull off. I have mine to a point I'm pretty happy with it and would love to take it out there.

I have an improvement for the ICE (in a box) and so far haven't found time to do it myself. Any HIGH recommendations for a Phoenix area installer?
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I'm still game for a pavillions G2G and possible drive associated with it and am open to the following dates (2008):

15 Mar
29 Mar
12 Apr
26 Apr
10 May
24 May
31 May

I can do a sunday event if given enough warning.
ok guys u convinced me im driving up there tomarrow so the 15 is the day. hope to see u guys there im far so i better not be the only one going. haha see ya

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