2009 Boscobel Beach Party

I'm just looking for input and what might bring in more people...

(Hope Debi has fixed her rear end by next year LOL....) [/quote}

Hi Rich

Didn't think Debi's rear end needed fixing it looked good to me allready :D


Hey Derek are you coming next year? We had Martin this past year who took care of our Brittish speaking accent... With the two of you we could have stereo... LOL..

So you are fixing Debi's rear?
Hi Rich

Much as I would like to come at the moment it is looking unlikely, a combination of too many stateside events to attend and rocketing flight prices.

But there are over 9 months before the beach party so who knows I could be giving the Fennimore Sherrif's cruiser a workout yet :)

June 30th - August 22nd is the school holidays here so flight prices more than double so a June beach party would suit me better :D As soon as you decide on a date let me know it will give me something to aim for.


The weekend after the 4th of July would be best for me and stac. The VIII will be going in for paint in Beardstown that week, so we could do Boscobel on our way home.

Let me know what happens.

The third weekend in July is the best for me that will give me a chance to have the most money i can and considering what happened on the way home from this last meet i just might need all the money i can get. :D
As of Now I still thinking about keeping it the 3rd weekend unless There are more than 10 who would want it earlier...

Earlier would have be be in June. Later would have to be further in August...

Although Boscobel is Hopping the First Weekend of August. Big Civil War Reenactment but I don't think the weekend would work with a LvC gathering.

I'll be making a decision soon.
I don't know, but you turkey's should figure something out!

If I switch jobs, like I'm thinking of doing, I will have just earned some vacation time as of the first of July, so any earlier than that and I will have to develop a bad cough or the flu!

I've been known to tell bosses that I feel real bad and that it's flowing out of both ends, they usually don't ask for more details then! LOL!
As long as I don't get T-Boned in this Town Car and Ford still stays afloat - I don't see why I can't make this one...

:D (Date doesn't matter to me.)
As usual I wont be at the beach party. I will be having too much fun yelling at my Employees and dealing with Irate cus-Tumors.
So I have changed jobs and should have some time saved up by July. So if my accountant (aka My Wallet) says I can afford it, I'm game!
I hope gas doesn't hit over 4 per gallon again at the time of the party - cost me 700 in gas last time! Figures that the price would drop back down after said event. :rolleyes:
It's going to cost me $40 to get down to Chicago for the christmas party with this new 1.XX gas they have out... WOOT!!!
Trevor... it's you and Debi...:shifty: :shifty: :shifty: :D :shifty: :shifty: :shifty: on the Big Bus...:D

Ummmm...............As usual I will not be attending the Beach party this Year I will be having too much fun yelling at my employees and dealing with Irate customers.
I'll find someone to do watch your theater for you...

Anyway.. Why haven't you held an LvC Party for us at your theater..

You could get us some great smash'em up car movies and we could bring in things to add to the pop machines...

It was be a lot of fun...
Trust me, you dont need a "finished" car. Mine is never done!

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