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  1. 2k2ls

    For Sale 2002 ls v8 must go! $2500

    Picking up a new ride this week and I would rather sell the LS then trade it in. Here are some important details about the car -160k miles -V8 -New tires all around 95% left. Matching Set -New transmission (about 5k miles) (paid $3400) -leather is in great shape -Body is in great shape...
  2. 2k2ls

    speeding up valve cover gasket replacement

    thats what I did in '04 when I replaced my VC gaskets. Approx 100k miles later and we're fine.
  3. 2k2ls

    01 LV V8 thoughts

    there are a ton of variables but if the car was maintained then why not? What other car are you going to find with such low mileage for $5k?
  4. 2k2ls

    1986 Lincoln LSC White Lightning Edition

    Pics would help
  5. 2k2ls

    2006 LS Halogen VOL Headlamp Aimed with POV pics

    this Jiovanni12 character is getting annoying fast. How many times are you going to post the same weak video of your average LS?
  6. 2k2ls

    No tilt! Wtf?

    you check under/around the seat to make sure nothing is jammed in the mechanicals? lighter, pen, cell phone charger, a quarter etc.
  7. 2k2ls

    Flooded LS, Any Advice would help!

    I would also, open up the fuse covers in under the hood and trunk and get some compressed air in there to blow out all the fuses. You definitely want to act quick.
  8. 2k2ls

    transmission problems

    As I recently learned. This CAN definitely happen. 3+ years of driving like that = a complete rebuild for me.
  9. 2k2ls

    Home Depot Lip Installed Pics

    If anyone wants to sell their stock lower valance please hit me up. Mine was introduced to a curb
  10. 2k2ls

    Need a little help...Bad Injector maybe?

    Most definitely!
  11. 2k2ls

    Need a little help...Bad Injector maybe?

    Good idea, I'm due for plugs anyways. I'll start there.
  12. 2k2ls

    Need a little help...Bad Injector maybe?

    02 LS V8 Lately, on startup it takes a bit long to get running. Once running I get a fuel smell and a little smoke. If I turn the key and wait about 2 seconds to start its not so bad. If I go on a short trip its a b*tch to restart. Any clues? I've seen posts on the PCV, Leaky injectors, Coils...
  13. 2k2ls

    LS Parts FS

    Hey where is Beecher? I need that bottom plastic cover since my wife used a curb to customize mine lolol.
  14. 2k2ls

    Looks like transmission leak?

    Ask him to itemize what he's replacing and tell him you want all your old parts back (cores excluded of course). When I told my tranny guy that, he had no problem and laid out all the parts that came out on a bench to show my one by one. I went to an AAmco by me that did a tranny for another one...
  15. 2k2ls

    Looks like transmission leak?

    yea but I've replaced every buggy part on the LS and despite the tranny issue, the car is pretty mint and has been paid off form many years. $2800 is a drop in the bucket compared to another car payment.
  16. 2k2ls

    Looks like transmission leak?

    JUST paid $2800 for a transmission yesterday. Fingers crossed for you..
  17. 2k2ls

    Rattling Noise From Driver Front

    JUST went through this yesterday. Turns out a rivet on the heat shield failed. A drill bit, an 8mm bolt/nut/lockwasher and 10 extra minutes...problem solved (along with the brake job lol)
  18. 2k2ls

    Suspension noises?

    I had a creaking noise that progressively got worse in my '02. While the wife was driving the upper ball joint separated from the upper control arm. Luckily it broke while she was literally 50' from the driveway going slow. At higher speed it would have been WAY worse. I ended up changing both...
  19. 2k2ls

    Ya'll want ya'll sh t done right??

    sorry but that is completely pointless and ugly.
  20. 2k2ls

    Overheating 2004 LS V8

    +1 also make sure you are not low on coolant.