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    ok i'm lost....another suspension problem

    ok mow this really gets wierd. i leave for work and the damn thing air's it's self back up after start up. i started to run self test and no codes......i give up
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    ok i'm lost....another suspension problem

    it's an 86 with 95K on it. there are no leaks. i'm going to hit up the junk yard in the morning and grap a used one to see what happens with that. i was just hoping to get some fedback before i spent any money on it
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    ok i'm lost....another suspension problem

    at first the check suspension light came on last saturday. rode around for a bit turned the car off and it went off. thursday it came back on; stop to go to store with key off the pump kept running. restart and the light went out. get to work (about 15 minutes) it comes back on. leave work it...
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    Polling Mark VII Owners

    86/lsc Male/36 About 70 Mix Like Everyone Dont See Them Everywhere Money Pit ****
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    traction control

    what year was it first installed in a town car? can it be turned off like in the old fleetwoods? and for those that live i nthe snow belt how well does it work? would you prefer it over 4 wheel drive? i know alot of questions...i'll shut up now and wait for your ans.
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    MP3 Player 256MB USB

    damn now you tell me
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    Fog lights

    is there anything that will bolt right up to a 86
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    Hello Everybody

    i charged the battery monday night to full. tuesday i stuck it in the car and it started fine. turned to the ACC. played the radio while doing oil change and radiator flush. started the car had it run to drain the block and what not. shut it off for about 4 hours, and restart. the next morning...
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    Hello Everybody

    thank you for the warm welcome. oldschool i'll attend some of the breakfast's with my brother (anthony) who you where on the phone with the other day. mespock, i'm not sure if i did a wise thing...what grief
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    Hello Everybody the shore
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    Hello Everybody

    thanks everybody
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    please help

    no i made sure all switchs where off
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    please help

    when i start the car the parking and the head lights come on. when i shut the car off they all go out. and the headlights will not stay lit....why???
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    Parting out complete 93 mark VIII

    i need the whole front clip...or at least what ever you have left. and the deck lid NEVERMIND
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    Lincoln Mark VII Radiator Question

    are you sure he's not looking at the AC condenser
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    Announcing the NE Chapter Leadership

    hey i'm 6'3 260lbs. can i be sargent of arms
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    Hello Everybody

    i've been lurking here in the shadows for some time now and have really enjoyed this site. come monday i can realy feel like a member for i will be the proud owner of a 86 LSC, with 92K and real clean interior. it will need paint; but will worry about that after winter. the car doesnt skip...