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Nov 10, 2004
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what year was it first installed in a town car? can it be turned off like in the old fleetwoods? and for those that live i nthe snow belt how well does it work? would you prefer it over 4 wheel drive?
i know alot of questions...i'll shut up now and wait for your ans.
LOL, no sweat bring on the Q?s

As far as i know they cannot be turned off
How well it works i cannot tell you, never had a car with it
I dont think it would work as well as 4x4. I have a 94 explorer sport. Just in 2 wheel i have never been stuck in the snow. Two different animals, passenger car tires/truck tires Off road gearing/highway gearing etc. But my 88 tc always gets stuck, friggin michigan.
Traction assist started appearing around 1991/1992 as an option. After around 1997 or so, it became standard on most and eventually all TC's. I don't think you can disable trac-control in certain earlier models, according to some members of my former Crown Vic forum. But some of them told me that Ford sold a permanent disable kit for $7.

Depending on your year, the traction control disable switch may be located in the glove box. But you must disable it everytime you start the car, which is a PITA. I relocated mine in my Crown Vic to an easier location to disable or enable as I needed. Today, Ford finally got it right on newer vehicles and relocated the switch to a more desireable and easy to push area on the dash.

Some people have installed rocker switches to keep the Trac off unless they want it on. You can also short the wires together to disable it.

The traction control in the TC can be a pain in the snow, but useful in the rain or ice. I had to disable mine for dry road and snow, especially on an incline; the trac would put the car in neutral everytime I pressed the gas and the tires spun. Same thing in the sand...

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