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    Lincoln LS Wings West Body Kit

    Thanks for the comments and interest - the kit has been sold and is on its way to the new owner. Thank you again for your private messages and interest. Have a safe and happy holiday season!
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    Lincoln LS Wings West Body Kit

    For Sale - Wings West Body Kit Pieces available: Left & Right Skirts & Rear Valance Condition: Brand New, Unpainted - Comes to you the same way that it is manufactured by Wings West in a flat black color, not necessary to strip a previous color and repaint it.. spray primer and paint as...
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    Got the LS back lets see for how long-Vent session_join!!

    Far be it from me to judge anyone... but this is my first time back here in probably 8 months and from the previous year already having been here and active. You've had nothing but problems from pounding on your car which i'm sure you'll disagree with. You need to sit back and look at your...
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    Bad fuel pump, sensor and assembly

    So I had a check engine light get thrown up at me over the weekend and I took the car into the dealership. Turns out a bad fuel pump, sensor and assembly was the cause. The PCM was reading the sensor incorrectly saying the tank had 3/4 tank in it when it only had just about a 1/4. The car...
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    Lucerne Vs. Lincoln LS ?

    Dude are you serious with the whole flexing avatar? LOL Nice buy Ken.. I dont know that any electric SC's exist for it yet though, let us know! :D :D
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    Pics of my car from midwest spinfest

    :why: Not even the front bottom of the lights or rear tail lights were safe! I must end this with a "it is your car to personalize, more power to you" disclaimer.
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    Who wants to get rid of their LS?

    Mine will be history within one year so I can buy a brand new F150 S331. The LS was my first move into a brand new car from previously driving trucks. Love it a lot and its style, but I'm going back to beds next round.
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    New Dimpled/Slotted Rotors

    You can find those deals all over the place on the net.. even on ebay.. call the sellers up directly and you'll see most of the reputable ones have entire warehouses and outfits for selling them.. Quite a few people i know with LS's and numerous other cars buy from these guys all the time...
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    Laughable: LS Vs. xB

    Not trying to be that guy.. but... Is really this much bashing needed when comparing any V8 to an XB? I mean by the sounds of this thread it would've seemed like a close race ;) Its a scion.. its not a v8.. just because he was racing doesn't make it an ass kicking.. if anything being taunted...
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    angel eyes and/or springs?

    roller skate even*
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    angel eyes and/or springs?

    yeah i guess i did assume a lesser rim and tire, considering anything over 18" (or 19" tops) IMO looks goofy on these cars.. but thats just me. let us know more details about your car! OR a really good solution is save up for it all and get it at one time.. then you'll really go bonkers with...
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    angel eyes and/or springs?

    Well i'm certainly sure once you have the shocks (really just Leda) unless you get the floaty monroe sensatracs.. the 3 base shocks were already on the LS depending on package you got. What package LS do you have? I have springtech's on my car and the sport package and i can say without a...
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    CDC Spacing

    Can anyone tell me what the mesh openings and sizes are on the CDC grill ? i can't find any close up pictures of the mesh.. those that do have it are standing back and it blends in..
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    misc parts for sale

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about this entire thread has a strange vibe about it ;)
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    Turbo Charged LS?

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    LSRace Car Oh :q:q:q:q

    Is that not the new LSE front facia though? I'm curious how they got that facia so many years early? It has the dreaded headlight gap between the top of the facia and the bottom of the headlight which is the result of the new LSE bumpers on 00-02 models.
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    LSRace Car Oh :q:q:q:q

    Wow, clinton twp.. seems like we have another M59 area LS!! Our offices are right on Hayes and M59 (hall road) Ever seen this car?
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    LSRace Car Oh :q:q:q:q

    When did LLSOC start? That car looks to be all 05+ on the trailer and as it sits in the picture.. I thought LLSOC was started a few years ago. The taillights look a bit off for an 05+, mostly curious if they were making 05+ parts back then to swap the front end out to make it look newer? Strange
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    Forgot to add to the post above -^ The reason i hear most people saying they cracked or warped on them using cross drilled / slotted is likely due to the incorrect installation of the rotational direction needed... the rotation allows air to...
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    I was always shown and told how he had them on was proper if they were also cross drilled... it helped for better cooling of the rotor itself. Check this link out I've seen a lot of cars with this rotation (including mine now). As far as...