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    2000 LS V8 trans problems

    Thi may help
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    Engine cover retainers

    Try advanced auto or lowes that's where i got mine for gen 1
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    Forscan and KOER + functional test?

    Try using wifi obdlink they are a bit pricey but i have no issues with connections
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    Forscan and KOER + functional test?

    I use it often and you can do pcm functions tests
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    ForScan connection issue

    2nd the obdlink. Worth extra $
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    ForScan connection issue

    What's your connection type usb or wifi?
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    Help with ABS, Traction Control and Brake dash lights

    I use OBDLink MX Wi‑Fi: OBD‑II around $80 works great no problems reading and programming modules.
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    Help with ABS, Traction Control and Brake dash lights

    Yes forscan can read the codes in all your modules it's basically the ford ids program reversed engineered. I use OBDLink MX Wi-Fi Scan Tool that can read ms can on ford vehicles. You can basically do what the dealership can. Yes forscan can calibrate those sensors. Oh i see they just released...
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    Mounting GPS antenna

    I don't now much about continental but if there is a metal bracket above the the radio in the dash mount it to that. I did it in my ls and the gps works great.
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    Help with ABS, Traction Control and Brake dash lights

    Forscan can program your modules to "as built" . the test version 2.3.5 can recalibrate yaw rate sensor brake boost and steering angler sensor which would probably solve your traction control and abs issue.
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    02 ls fuel tank lines replacement

    Has anyone replaced the fuel lines going across the fuel tank? I started to smell gas from back seat so I pulled up seat and noticed a puddle of gas on top of fuel pump on passenger side. The black plastic elbow was almost completely broken in half. Looks like previous owner changed pump and...
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    Gen 1 V8 Plastic Cooling Parts Shopping List

    I was planning on flipping the ls but my wife wanted to keep it.
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    Gen 1 V8 Plastic Cooling Parts Shopping List

    For the degas bottle i used dorman 603-207 for about $60. I've had in the car 8 months no problem yet.
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    no heat

    Not sure but a new cap is around ten bucks. You can also check that the blend door actuator is working it's located behind the glove box.
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    no heat

    Check the degas bottle cap and check the hoses from dccv to see if they are getting warm. It may take several attempts to properly bleed/burp the cooling system
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    Where to buy??

    Definitely try i was told the same thing from dealer two weeks ago and i used forscan program and reprogram abs module. If you need to recalibrate sensors i have the test build 2.3.5 if you would like it
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    Cold start

    Try cleaning or replacing the iac valve (idle air control)
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    repair manuals give this a shot. I've good luck with ebay cd on other vehicles. Haven't needed one yet for my ls
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    New 2000 LS. Looking for parts recommendations.

    I 2nd the rock auto. Moog is the way to go. If you have sport package you can soften the ride with base model shocks/struts.
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    03 LS codes help needed

    Tap on the pcm lightly with hammer with the key on not running and see if dash lights flicker. If the do you mabe have a loose connection in the wiring.