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  1. stumpie


    Hey LVC community, please help me out. I need a full Vehicle History report for 1HGCM56397A143082 Disputing a salvage insurance record I found which the dealer isn't mentioning. Will be glad to Paypal you a few bucks for your help. Thanks in advance!
  2. stumpie

    FS: New Stop-Tech SS Brake Lines

    These are SOLD. Thanks, LVC community!
  3. stumpie

    A/C elec question - won't turn off!

    Step 3. Remove the instrument panel. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU - Pretty sure I'd break more things than I'd fix here. ... Luckily it stays pretty hot here in Texas.
  4. stumpie

    A/C elec question - won't turn off!

    My A/C blows air for 15 seconds after turning the car off. It also blows after turning it to OFF until 15 seconds after turning the car off. (i.e. if I turn the system off while driving, it will continue to blow (but gets diverted to foot blower). It's also stuck on full blower power. Is...
  5. stumpie

    FS: New Stop-Tech SS Brake Lines

    Sale pending, otherwise it's your cammerfe. Giving first bidder 24 hours to reply.
  6. stumpie

    No 2nd gear,high rpm at 1rts , p0775 code " check transmision" E

    I think you are about to have to decide how much you like your LS - most trans techs wont open her up w/o an agreement to rebuild -> ~$2k
  7. stumpie

    FS: New Stop-Tech SS Brake Lines

    bump open to best offer
  8. stumpie

    FS: New Stop-Tech SS Brake Lines

    New in package Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front Part No. 950.61006 Direct fit for gen 1 & 2 stock front calipers. Purchased in 2013 for $70, kept in climate controlled storage. $55 + shipping obo. Bubble envelope...
  9. stumpie

    2 systems "Not Ready" to pass inspection - need help

    Could a faulty fuel level sensor affect these systems in a way that would prevent them from being ready for test? (My gas needle is always between 1-0.5. The tank goes empty at 0.5, right after the needle crashes to E with a "FUEL COMPUTER DATA ERROR" on the message center).
  10. stumpie

    2 systems "Not Ready" to pass inspection - need help

    LS can't pass inspection due to multiple systems "Not Ready" Evap system Catalyst I have known for a bit that my cats are rough, especially at startup when the engine is cold, harsh idle and unresponsive throttle (stupid computer-controlled throttle body). Warms up and everything is fine...
  11. stumpie

    Anyone with a carfax account want me to buy you a six-pack of beer (or soda)?

    Need a full report on a VIN 5FNRL388X6B127472 Odyssey for the family hauler. If you could email it to I'll Paypal you a few bucks. Thanks in advance!
  12. stumpie

    Clearing message center crap

    A/C Filter Change Requird - Can't seem to figure out how to clear this message?? Service Park Brake - yep, it works... Any way to clear this one??
  13. stumpie

    Fuel Level Sender Assys

    Are the Fuel Level Sender Assemblies the same on the pump and transfer pump (i.e. same part number)? tia
  14. stumpie

    Advance Auto

  15. stumpie

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Rears got new shoes. Falken Azenis PT722's these babies are quiet.
  16. stumpie

    bent lug wrench

    I have the stock twin-7-spoke 17" rims found on most '03 Premiums. So pektel, the part you listed should work?
  17. stumpie

    bent lug wrench

    Had a flat the other night (worn out goodyears) and trying to get the first lug off, torqued the lug wrench round like a piece of licorice. I had to have my brother bring me a 4-point (+) hardened steel lug wrench and it took the MIGHT of both of us grown ass men to get those lugs off. So, now...
  18. stumpie

    Free VIN lookup service

    Same reports as Carfax, but free (maybe just for a limited time?) My car was part of a rental fleet from Florida.
  19. stumpie

    Replacing Radiator on 2003 v8

    This is un-real. I just replaced my radiator with a crack in the exact same spot as Blk04LS's pic. If it's any encouragement I did it myself with about 45 minutes of help from a curious electrician that was installing a porch light for me that day. Total job time was about 5 hours. I consider...
  20. stumpie

    The LS - what's been done, what's next

    depending on where you live that will get you pulled over real quick. Down here in Tx, 35/15 is as dark as you can go, and they enforce it regularly.