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  1. Bildabo

    North East Ohio Cookout/ Meet

    Fine then! You can put me "on the fence" but I'll more than likely come on down, even though my car looks like poop.
  2. Bildabo

    am i able to sue a shop that didnt burp my coolant

    ...wait a min here. So the shop you were just asking if you could sue, you're gonna take a job there?
  3. Bildabo

    My car is possessed?

    OP - I have the exact same problem!! it only happens once in a great while and I can NEVER reproduce it. Its my interior lights that come on and sometimes it sure seems related to the brakes (hit the pedal and they go on, then go off when I release the pedal) I figure its a short of some sort...
  4. Bildabo

    dipped the LS

    You SOB!! That looks really good, I didn't realize people were doing their entire cars with that stuff. Now I've been looking and would love to do my car in that light blue. I'm starting a project with an old S-10 I have. This sounds like it would be perfect to use when I'm ready to paint...
  5. Bildabo

    Saw it coming but too late...

    Man that sucks! Hope you're alright
  6. Bildabo

    Strictly BBS LM Thread

    Man, I love those wheels, they look great on there! Are those 2 piece wheels or are the bolt heads just for look? Just thinking if you wanted to change the center to another color you could just remove them and send them up. I think the gold looks pretty frickin cool on there!
  7. Bildabo

    P0316, P2072, P0420.....stupid car

    Thats what I figured. Thanks!!
  8. Bildabo

    P0316, P2072, P0420.....stupid car

    Thanks Joey, I see you have your cape on already today! =) I got that info from the AutoZone guys. After they pulled the codes they printed off 3 sheets, 1 for each code. ....I should have known there is no PCV, shows how much time I've spent under the hood on the car, but window regulators...
  9. Bildabo

    P0316, P2072, P0420.....stupid car

    Hey guys, so go figure, I had to go to Ohio last week for work and on my way down my car started what seemed to be a mis-fire here and there. This morning on my way in to work, I stopped and got the codes pulled. They gave me the following 3 P0316 - Crank Sensor P0420 - low bank 1 P2072...
  10. Bildabo

    Really exciting technology...

    These things are amazing! We actually have one at our office that we use to build models of our machines for easy display. But, check this out. Kinda cool....kinda scary
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    1997 Evergreen/Ivory Progress

    Good Luck, like Epwillis said, its a bit cold here right now!!
  12. Bildabo

    Tool box

    LOL! Don't you hate it when that happens! Man...I've tried that stuff before.....don't remember much except the hangover the next day. I'm not tough enough for that stuff!
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    Looks like a pile of used condoms to me....:eek::shifty:
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    Winter frustration...

    I think the problem is like what Joe described (damp during the day, freezing at night). Both of us live about 40 miles apart in Southeast MI. WD-40 sounds like a good idea, I give her a good spray when I get home.
  15. Bildabo


    Thats pretty dang cool. Really neat car, especially for being built in the 70's. Could do without the pick-up bed but for all that work he did, cool! :cool:
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    Well thats different, pretty cool. sooo....steering wheel? Is that what the lever in the center is? like a joystick? Accel and brake pedals? or maybe its just the angle of the pic but I don't see them...:confused:
  17. Bildabo

    Winter frustration...

    I left my bag w/ my laptop in my trunk over night and when I got to work this morning I couldn't get the trunk open. I normally don't drive my ls a lot in the winter but my door lock freeze on this car ALL the time. I'm always afraid I'm going to break the el cheapo door handles. Let me...
  18. Bildabo

    Cleaning a bare aluminum block

    I agree with Sapp but also 97MarkJA. I'm helping a buddy with his 67 mustang, I'm powder coating just about anything I can get. He wanted his intake and timing cover raw with just clear so I media blasted and then with glass bead. After the glass bead it looked amazing! Nice and smooth...
  19. Bildabo

    FS: 18" Jaguar Triton Wheels

    oh....that tri-state area. Yeah, thats a little far for me to pick up. I'm just outside Detroit MI. I think after shipping that would be out of my range.
  20. Bildabo

    FS: 18" Jaguar Triton Wheels

    Where exactly are you located? I may be interested.