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  1. J

    Stock cd changer to aftermarket radio

    . Then I have a cd changer taking up space in my glove box?
  2. J

    Stock cd changer to aftermarket radio

    I have a 2000 lincoln ls with the alpine sound system. it sounded bad so I gutted all the speakers put new in and got a new double din alpine ixa-w407 car stereo. The deck doesnt take cds so I was wondering if their eould be a way to hook the cd changer in the glove box up to the new stereo? If...
  3. J

    The new Subwoofers

    Yea but when you open that tiny ass trunk and see those big ass subs it gets you a lot of pussy!
  4. J

    The new Subwoofers

    You guys are trying to compare free air in a suv to trunk space in a car. Of course the free air system is gonna be louder your sitting in the same compartmeent as the subs! But my point is my trunk hitting 152 dbs 28)) sound louder then any free air setup by far.
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    The new Subwoofers

    wow I didn't mean to start anything but if u don't have proof that a 10 can hit harder then a 15then don't say anything and quit being ignorant because a 10 can't. The cone size on a 15 blows more air there fore creating more bass. So just because you have tens and can't aford the 15s don't get...
  6. J

    The new Subwoofers

    ur an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. J

    The new Subwoofers

    im putting two orion hcca 15.2 subs in my 2000 lincoln ls. the whole trunk is gonna be a box lol
  8. J

    Pretty sure I need A Solenoid Pack. Opinion on where to take it

    Whens the next mn ls meet?
  9. J

    Anyone looking for some cheap 20's??

    ill buy for 300$ plus shipping to isanti mn 55040 let me know asap. thanks
  10. J

    Parting out 2000 lincoln LS

    i need headlights and 2000 v6 transmission
  11. J

    FS: '00-'02 Lincoln LS "Sport" Clear Bumper Marker Side Lights.

    ill buy them for 15 shipped to isanti mn?
  12. J

    REAL OFFICIAL LINCOLN LS OWNERS GUIDE!!!! Basic tips and info.

    pull headliner down be carefull not to rip it. their is two tubes on both front corners, have fun!
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    oh, boy. 2000 lincoln ls transmission problems *HELP!*

    i bought a 2000 lincoln ls with 104000 miles on it. i bought it for 400$. when i bought it the brakes were original xD the rear tires were like slicks they were so bald, the engine idled funky (dieing at stop lights) and the transmission shifts rough when shifting from park to drive or reverse...