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  1. 01LSv6

    torque values, Please help asap

    Just updated my pics. They have to be so small though to be under max file size... I got the hose replaced and everything is running great for almost 2 days now. Idles and runs smooooooth.:D
  2. 01LSv6

    A few 01 Lincoln LS Parts for sale.

    how much for the trunk lid? what color? Mines been peppered by hail. Thanks!
  3. 01LSv6

    torque values, Please help asap

    I'm in the middle of changing out the good'ol PCV elbow hose under the upper I'm putting it back together and I'm not sure of a torque value for the bolts in the fuel rail plenum. The upper intake bolts have a torque spec of 89lbs/in according to the tech articles here...
  4. 01LSv6

    WTB-factory LS grille

    I'm looking for a factory ls grille, mainly the upper 'chrome' part of the grille. The one I have is pealing. If anyone has one or knows of one I can get, please let me know. Thank you and God bless.
  5. 01LSv6

    CDC Custom upper Mesh Grills...Come and get them

    Got mine last week, I have a few ideas on making look like a "cleaner" fit, but I haven't had time to try them out yet. I just got done moving into a new apt. this week and just got internet today. Here's a quick picture of the grille on my car. Thanks again IamEli
  6. 01LSv6

    cleaning caked on dirt / brake dust off wheels??

    Thank you guys very much. I've never heard of never dull. Where could I get it? Autozone or an equivalent store? Oh, and the whole steel wool on chrome sounded crazy to me, but a few people suggested it to me so I figured I'd ask on here lol. I've never used 0000 fine stee wool before, but it...
  7. 01LSv6

    cleaning caked on dirt / brake dust off wheels??

    Has anyone ever tried one of the Mother's power ball polishers? Thanks guys
  8. 01LSv6

    cleaning caked on dirt / brake dust off wheels??

    Chrome wheels, they have some dirt and brake dust I'd like to remove before it does damage. I sprayed some Eagle 1 chrome wheel cleaner on and theres some dirt stains that wont spray/rub off. Should I use some 0000 steel wool and chrome polish? clay bar? what would you suggest to get the stains...
  9. 01LSv6

    CDC Custom upper Mesh Grills...Come and get them

    are these still available? I'll take one if so. Also, has anyone firgured out something to make the bottom molding?
  10. 01LSv6

    F/S Parts off a 2001 LS Sport V6

    will you take $50 for the chrome grill? I pm'd you a few days ago.
  11. 01LSv6

    Pictures needed of Wheels

  12. 01LSv6

    F/S Parts off a 2001 LS Sport V6

    still have the chrome grill? How do you attatch it exactly?
  13. 01LSv6

    wheel pics

    enkie kapones, but a lot of ppl on here have these.
  14. 01LSv6

    Ugly ass LS...maybe its you ?

    Am I the only one that thinks of nipples every time someone says Naples :p ? Theres one of those cloth topped LS's on ebay right now, I dont like it either.
  15. 01LSv6

    how is everyone,and how is your LS doing?

    I'm fine, but my Lincoln was just infected with the infamous "mystery beep" and mines a V6. I thought only the LS8's got that:(
  16. 01LSv6

    Powerstop D/S Rotors & pads Installed on LS

    So whats the best brand of pads that won't squeel. My pads squeel no matter how hot they are...annoying and embarrassing.
  17. 01LSv6

    hid's for sale

    That guy is selling Bi-xenon 9005 9006 conversion kits for $267.98 shipped! Thats converting your low AND high beams to HID for those who don't know.
  18. 01LSv6

    LED side mirrors?

    I was thinking of finding another car that has power mirrors and a similar mounting plate and try to "make" one of these cheapos fit. If I got it to fit nicely, would I be able to get the power mirror function to work properly?
  19. 01LSv6

    LED side mirrors?

    the ebay numbers are too old to show me what donor mirrors you used. Do you remember what mirrors you bought? I want to get a light/lense that somewhat contours with the LS mirrors. Thanks a lot.
  20. 01LSv6

    LED side mirrors?

    wow, I just read the thread. Those are what I was looking for. I might have to try it...I just hate the thought of cutting my side mirrors up. How did you go about cutting the holes in the mirror housing the right size? What did you cut with? Again, that is beautiful, professional work man. Have...