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  1. bobbyboura

    Fleetwood with 20's

    pic of my cadi heres my cadii on 22s
  2. bobbyboura

    motor swap

    well i decided to take the 307 out of my 89 fleetwood . i have a 383 stroker from a old race car i plan on putting in . i will keep this thread updated with pics and step by step comantary on a daily basis and plan on having the engine dynoed also . so if this interest any one let me know
  3. bobbyboura

    1984 4.1 air pump

    it is a air pump disconect it and remove it and get a shorter belt
  4. bobbyboura

    Opera Lamp Removal

    you have to remove the a pillar cover on the inside of the car to get to the opera lamp
  5. bobbyboura

    Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham vs Lincoln town car

    well i have one of each . i have a 88 fleet and a 93 town car i have also had a 94 fleet and numerous other lincolns . it all depends on the owner . i loved my 94 fleet with the lt1 . you can add performance parts even though they are luxury cars . just depends on your taste . im in the process...
  6. bobbyboura

    87' Overheating

    check the heater controll valve its a common problem on the 307 . also have the trans checked because if there is a problem with something in it it will cause the car to over heat. did you have the block cleaned out when you rebuilt the motor sometimes youll have a blockage from stopleak or...
  7. bobbyboura

    Looking for parts, 91 Brougham D'Elegance

    check out if your looking for the parts on the cheap
  8. bobbyboura

    Need Insight

    Hello im not new to the site .I am a 23 yr old disabled vetran who served in Iraq. I just got my second cadi . It is a 88 fleetwood bro . I have some questions . 1. What parts can I use since 307 parts are so damn expensive? 2. My interior lights come on when the car is off and dont go off...
  9. bobbyboura

    Fleetwood with 20's

    yeah no need to modify i have 22s on my 88 fleet no rubs go for it man
  10. bobbyboura

    1981 Mark VI parting out

    looking for local members who need parts . all electronics work . all glass is good interior has no rips but does need cleaned it is grey . body is in good shape no motor or trans let me know what you need lets make a deal the car is located in michigan
  11. bobbyboura

    Someone Needs a Reality Check....

    ran carfax for :q:q:q:qs and gigles heres what i found 02/25/2006 New Jersey Police Report Case # 06-3758 Accident reported in Ocean County It hit a parked motor vehicle not to mention hes only owned it for 5 montha cocains a hellofa drug
  12. bobbyboura

    Audio Question

    I just bought a 96 sls Was woundering where to get a radio mounting kit for it at for my indash if any one knows it would be much appriciated
  13. bobbyboura

    What % tint you got upon yo window?

    i have double limo on the back and 5 % on the fronts im from michigan and the 4 " on the fronts only matters if the cops a d*&k and my last town cat had double limo all around best kind in my oppinion
  14. bobbyboura

    Door handle

    try to find metel ones not sure if they make em i know they do for mustangs abd there only like 5 bucks at autozone here
  15. bobbyboura

    17" Chrome Wheel Finish Failure

    get a set of winter wheels from the junk yard
  16. bobbyboura

    What was everyone's first car?

    my first car ive had like 10 in the last five years 1988 mustang hatch set up for drag racing 1989 rust bucket mustang coupe rotted in half 1989 mustang coupe rebuilding motor and trans now 88 lsc dd 91 town car floridian 1985 ford ranger with a 302 1994 caddilac fleetwood 383 lt1...
  17. bobbyboura

    90 LSC SE parts

    sold ill be up there in early jan to pick it up
  18. bobbyboura

    1954 Lincoln capri (parts need help)

    got pictures i havent seen many capris but ive had a couple 49 - 51 fords could prolly tell you if i seen pics
  19. bobbyboura

    Pic to make you go Hmmmmm....

    More heres some more for ya
  20. bobbyboura

    Anyone else deer hunt?

    im in People Eat Tasty Animals we could go up to the family land in cadillac mi 80 achers of lincolns beer and mayham lol