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    Overheating issues. Replaced degas bottle...

    the next step could be the thermostat. My '01 is having the same problem. I am replacing the degas bottle and bleeding it today. if that doesn't work, I'm trying a new thermostat. odd question though, have you checked your oil recently? I'm no mechanic, but a year or so ago my car starting...
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    Whats the mileage on your LS?

    my LS is old as dirt 2001 V8, 191,378 miles
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    Message Center Buttons

    ahh I just threw away two of them. sorry
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    well, I got a new tire ($178). cleaned the trunk, charged the battery, manually rotated all the tires, spent $160 to register it....and the damn thing overheated, cut power, and coolant shot out from the top of the engine like a volcano. Hows that for gratitude
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    LSE kit

    The first LS I ever saw was a LSE, judging from the side skirts. That is what made me want to get an LS
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    Is this ball joint install price unreasonable?

    my front passenger wheel broke off the knuckle a few months ago, I took it to a local shop. I had the upper control arm fixed, ball joint, and a few odds and ends and they charged me $600 for everything. Maybe it isn't the same as having the whole joint and everything replaced, but that sounds...
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    the ugliest mod ever

    I bet it wins first place at the circus maximus every time
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    To all LS Owners

    I'll tell ya what, I have a '01 LS with 191K miles on it, it has been rear ended, totaled and rebuilt (terribly) and was owned by some ghetto jackass in Philly that didn't take care of it....and it still looks like a $8000 car, glides like a luxury car, all the bells and whistles still work, and...
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    Parting out my 2003 Lincoln LS8 in Indiana

    I need the plastic cowl that covers the wire cluster in the passenger side wheel compartment. Under the wheel well, not under the hood.
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    Don't wait to fix your suspension...

    Been a long time since I been here. I am a lot wiser since then,haha. Couple weeks ago I was on my way to see a concert, when my upper ball joint, wheel, and tie rod broke off and disconnected from my car. Scared the hell out of me and my brother. Luckily this happened before I got on the...
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    Coil #3, Outer Tie Rod, Upper ball joint. Which should I fix first?

    I waited too long to fix my tie rod and upper ball joint, and I almost killed me and my brother. The whole wheel and arm disconnected....luckily I didn't get onto the highway yet. I'm going to post pictures now.
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    Dead Car, no way in

    Got it OK crisis averted. I got into my trunk with a screwdriver manually unhooking the release. The culprit was in fact the douchebag who owned it before me. He replaced the trunk lid but didn't drill the hole for the mechanical lock, and removed the lock from the harness completely. I...
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    Dead Car, no way in

    2001 V8. My car magically died this morning. No lights, no crank, no nothing. As if the engine and battery are missing. Here is the rub. What fuuckin' idiot designed this car with NO access to the battery. The in-dash trunk release doesn't work if the car is dead, there is no external key...
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    Help, Car's Either Dead or Haunted

    dead car B*tch Just want to take a moment and bitch about the dumb A$$hole who designed the LS, when your car is completely dead you can't access the trunk to get to the battery. They should at least have the seat release cable on the INSIDE of the car. P.S. I don't have a fob, they cost...
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    RPM issue

    you know there was a sh*tload of salt on the road and my car is a mess. I'll check under the hood for any buildup of crap. thanks people.