Setting or Advancing The Timing On your Lincoln Mark VII

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    How to Set or Advance The Timing On your Lincoln Mark VII
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    1. You’ll need a timing light and a ½” wrench. You may need to buy one that is for getting to your distributor nut. This can be found at any auto parts store. I also needed an extension. So, it would reach to the nut. About a four (4”) inch extension would be more then enough. I also use a small wrench on top to help turn the wrench hooked to the distributor base. About 10mm, I believe.

    2. You will want to mark with some chalk on the crankshaft balancer at 14 degrees if you are advancing your timing. If you are not advancing your timing. 10 degrees is where its suppose to be.

    3. Now you will have to remove the spout connector found hanging from the single wire attached to the distributor wire harness.


    4. You will want to start the engine and check for base timing. Which is 10 degrees. Now shut off the engine and loosen the bolt that holds the distributor in. Loosen it with your ½” wrench. Now that you have loosened it enough.

    5. You will want to restart the engine and SLOWLY turn the distributor while the engine is running. Now that you have it set. Turn off the engine.

    6. Now you will want to tighten the nut using your half inch wrench. Be careful not to move it to much! Even slightly can cause you to jump up or down 1-2 degrees. Make sue to recheck your timing after tightening the nut down.

    7. You will now want to reconnect the spout connector. If this is not done, the computer will not allow for maximum timing and fuel curve.

    8. If your car pings. You may want to consider 92 plus octane gasoline. If it still pings, double check your timing. If it still pings. You way want to reduce your timing till it stops. I have had no problem with this on 87 octane. Although I have never ran under 91 o.g. since then. Also, advancing or checking timing should be done to a warmed up engine. Make sure it is at idle, when doing this.

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