How to Install a Transmission Oil Cooler in your Lincoln Mark VII
Submitted By: Sifrino3

Transmission Oil Temperature Before: 210 Degrees Plus
Transmission Oil Temperature After: 180 Degrees

Step One:
First you need to find out, where you want to mount your transmission oil cooler. They come in so many different sizes to fit your needs. Long and one an inch wide or an equal square. It’s up to you and what your vehicle has room for. I picked Flex-a-lite, FLX-3820-6 from Summit Racing. I choose this one because it has a connection on -6 AN. Instead of a hose connection. Now I mounted mine in front radiator/ac. So, it will be getting the most air/cooling it can possibly get.

Link to Summit Racing - Flex-a-lite TransLife Transmission Coolers 3820


Now I had my radiator off. While doing this. So, it may be more difficult for you.


Step Two:
This is the last step. This will be hooking up your hoses. First you need to take off the bottom steel transmission hose from the radiator. You connector your first hose from the radiator to the top of your new transmission oil cooler. Now you take your other hose and take it from the bottom of the transmission oil cooler to the steel hose you disconnected from the radiator.


There are some small parts that come with the kit. That I did not mention. But installing a Transmission Cooler is very easy and every Mark owner should do it. It can double your transmissions life just with this simple install. You will need some tools such as a few wrenches and a flat head. Other then that. It depends on your install.


Thanks to Sifrino3 for writing this article