Lincoln Mark VII Electric Fan Install

There are benefits to using electric cooling fans instead of the fan that is ran off the water pump. You take the pressure off your water pump,...
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    Step One: You will need to mount your electric fan. Let’s hope you measured your radiator before you bought your fan or you may be delaying what is needed! After you mounted your fan with either the zip ties or the brackets that sometimes comes with the kit. It is time for wiring!

    Fan Drivers.JPG

    Step Two: Now I have hooked up my dual fan different then my single fan. The single fan I installed before this. I hooked it up so, it would be on when ever I turned the key to the ON position. But I am now installing a new dual Flex-a-lite fans #FLX-210R from Summit Racing. I choose to hook these fans up to a switch. Well, actually one switch for each fan. So, I can either have no fans on, one fan, or both fans on when ever I want.

    Fan Pulley.JPG

    If you are connecting your fan up to be on when you’re key is switched to the ON position. You will need to find a hot wire that will do so. After you have done that. You will need to ground the black wire. It is as simple as that. Now if you like to have control. Like I do. Step Three will be your key!

    Electric Fan Installed.JPG

    Step Three: Mounting your switches. I mounted mine on the console. One switch for each fan. You will need to take out the trim. If you are doing it this way. Make two holes. So, you can fit your switch from under the trim piece.

    Fan Switch One.JPG Fan Switch Two.JPG Fan Switch Three.JPG

    Step Four: Running your wires. You will now need to connect two wires to each switch, one power and one wire that leads to the fan. After I have found a wire that is only on when the key is in the ON position. For safety, I did it this way. Because if I forget to put the switch down/off. It will shut off or I can just leave it up and it will still shut off when I take out the key.

    Radiator Mount.JPG

    Now you will need to run your wire(s) up to your fan(s). You will need to drill though the firewall. So, you can get your wire(s) to the fan. After that, it is just hooking up the right wire to the right fan. (If you are hooking up duals.) Make sure you zip tie your loose wires.

    Now the benefits of using electric fans instead of the fan that is ran off the water pump. You first take the pressure off your water pump. Which extends the life of the pump and it also takes drag off the pulleys/belt. So, it’s adding horsepower also. Some may say up to 10hp. Flex-a-lite claims 15hp, I believe from some or there electric fans. . .

    Three Row Radiator Install

    For people wanting to install a three row radiator. The top two mounts need to be modified so they an fit over this bigger radiator. First you have to cut away some of the bushing inside the radiator bracket. After that you will have to raise the mounts up, about 1/4". So, a little fabrication will be needed. But don't be scared. Its a very easy thing to do. So, go buy that three row radiator and you will not have to freak when you find out it doesn't fit as planned.

    Thanks to Sifrino3 for submitting this article.


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