What guns are you guys running?


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Oct 22, 2004
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Colorado Springs, CO
Just as the title says, What guns are you guys investing in these days?

This year Iv'e bought a Springfield XD-40 That frogman laughs about.

A Savage Model 12 VLP Varmiter in 22-250

and my latest on is a Savage Model 12 F/TR .308 Win

These are some pics of the girls, my next rifle is gonna be a Remington model 700 in .338 Lapua Mag

Lets see what you got!!

















I've only got my 12 guage remington wingmaster model 370 (i believe)

i was to get a m16 a2 though, but they're expensive as fuk
I got a Beretta 92FS Compact and about 1500 rounds :D in the garage.


pete, i love that ace skeleton stock. I want to order one when i Build my AR. What type do you have or did you build it?

Winchester Model 70 270 WIN.
Remington Model 597 22.LR
Remington Model 522 Viper 22.LR
Remington Model 870 Police Magnum(long Mag, Short Barrel)
Browning Citiori XT Trap
Glock 21 .45auto
Glock 30 .45auto (on Order)
RRA Predetor Pursuit Rifle .223 ( on order)

Rubber band Shooter Holds 6 or 7 if your lucky.
I need more I know
My AR is a Robinson Armorment XCR which is a hybrid of an AK47 and a AR15. The components work like an AK47 with very reduced recoil, excellent ejection, and easy cleaing. It works like an AR and can also use conversion kits to shoot AK47 rounds (using a M16 mag), 6.5 grendel rounds (WOLF sells them), and 6.8 remington SPC (expensive round lol)

The XCR can come with different stocks :-D I can score a 2 inch grouping with 120rds at 75yards at the range with it......my lil baby!
The XCR is supposed to rival the FN SCAR but scored slightly less in the SCAR tests for the military....
thats cool, I was also thinking about the 6.8 spc, but i think ill wait to see how my buddies turns out. He works for Hornaday as a designer so he knows people who have other cool toys. I got a chance to shoot the Bushmaster

trigger pull x 2 = Shoulder telling you to stop before round 3.
.450 bushmaster + 1 shot = No cider block
I posted these in a previous thread about guns on the anything goes. Tha'ts why.

Or it was a myspace group but i have'nt posted in a myspace group in 8 months :p I think

My AK47 is a Norinco MAK90 (bought it from a Las Vegas police officer, and i found out it's tweaked to do a 3 round burst when I losten a bolt in the reciever). The pistols are my S&W 460 Magnum(not shown), my Ruger .357 Magnum, my H&K P30 and my H&K HK45. then I have a H&K 91, PTR 91 (collapsable stock), Rob Arms XCR, SPAS 12, and soon to own Saiga 12 semi-auto 12guage shotty. And I own a 1889 44-40 (my great grandfather's civil war rifle), My 1962 Marlin 22LR lever action rifle, My 1950s Marlin single action 22LR rifle. My great great grandmother's 1860s S&W revolver (pin has been ground down but still has original box), and my first generation Winchester 70 12guage shotgun :-D

My father owns 24 Assault rifles/shotguns, 8 hunting rifles, 13 pistols (semi auto and revolver) and our armory (My dad's shed with 4 safes) has a total of 86350 rounds of ammunition that we've bought over the past 2 years (do remember 50000 rounds are 22LR that we got for 650 bucks)
Kahr MK40 (my CCW)
Taurus Model 85
Sig Sauer 229
S&W Walther PPK/S
Taurus 1911
Mosin Nagant
AK-47 (WASR-10)
Stag AR-15
Daly 20ga (home defense)
Pretty damn nice looking rifle I must say.

Thank you Sir,

I'm hoping the weather holds out here this weekend. I need to get it dialed in soon. I have some F-Class comp practice to do.

I got the scope mounted today.






Colt .22 Woodsman pistol
Winchester 30.30 Model 94
Remigton 30.06
Ruger .44 rifle
Winchester 20 g shot gun
Mossberg 12 g shot gun

Used to protect me from savage conservatives LOL
Sigh, by state regulation I can't touch a firearm again for just a bit over 4 years. However, if you were to ask what I previously owned, for the sake of knowing a little, I would say

Glock model 30 subcompact .45
Sig P225 9mm
Colt .357 6 inch barrel
Kel-tech .380
Beretta tomcat .22lr
Kimber TLE/RL Stainless 1911 fully decked out
Walther P22
Beretta 22 LR target pistol (haven't seen it in so long don't remember the #)
AK47 (no not auto, even I don't want the feds at my house)
.243 Winchester
.270 Winchester
30/30 Winchester
.22 Winchester LR
20 guage Remington (for when you need to bust the door off the frame)
12 Guage Remington (for when you need to bust the wall off the house)

I think that about covers it, mind you I haven't been able to purchase anything for 3 years now. Bet I can still outshoot the local boyz
HAHAHAHAHAHA I just realized everything in that picture is clear, safe, and locked EXCEPT for the 45 hahahahahaha funny

Beretta 682 12 guage
Beretta 686 12 guage
Beretta Ulrika 12 guage
Browning Gold Hunter 12 guage
Mossberg pump 12 guage

Air arms .22 air rifle (44 lbs/ft muzzle energy)
Brno .22 rimfire
Anschultz .22 rimfire
Enfield .308
Mannlicher Classic .243
Sako Hunter 75 deluxe .270



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