Tell me what you think. Few ideas on Painting the LS

heres a slightly better photoshop as well,
Honestly I really don't like any of them, but then again I'm a monochromatic kind of person.
Metallic black or Dark Cherry paint to compliment the existing paint.
Texturized/marbelized 3" side stripe to accent the chrome.
Faded red pin stripe to bring out the red in the calipers.

Actually, the line is too straight... I might draw one that is a variation of #2 and #3...

WOW!!!!!!!! That looks great. Thanks.
I'd say the 3rd choice is the best choice. But even that is pushing it ...Honestly your best bet is to pick something that doesnt make your car look too animated like a matchbox car or something...:lol: but to each is own

p.s. your car looks sweet just the way it is ..if you ask me but thats just my 2 cents you know...
Or you could do only the roof black like the panarama roof on the Benzes. Would look sweet, I might do that too.

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