Supercharged Ls V8

I start Oct 15th 2005.

We went through several prototype peices, Geoff welding - me test fitting.

Then when we had those pieces right - I went through the installation. That was not only the install but building all the custom hoses, the belt, and relocating everything that was in the way.

I had a over-heating issue that turned out to be caused but a too small thermostat - but in the trouble shooting I installed the intercooler and piping.

Then came the tuning.

I picked a bad time to do all this - my company started aquiring Sept 18 2005 - and since has aquired 13 companies (including two last week...). So my work was really boiled down to a couple of weekends a month.

The car was hard down (apart) for about 6 months when I was neck deep in assembly, and traveling every week. It been daily driven now for five months. I focused on passing emissions first - which I did in March.

Now - what's left is finish the tuning and settle on a boost level that is max power but reliable. Once SCT gets the final pieces of the LiveWire datalogging done - could be in the next few days - we should be in the home stretch.
The Thurderbird SuperCoupe uses a 3.1" - 3.2" pulley on the supercharger with a large pulley on the crank driving it with a 8-ribbed belt. Most of the performance guys start fooling with the drive ratio and getting to a 3:1 ratio (SC spins 3 times with each engine rpm).

in the first picture below - my current LS pulley on the right - the stock T-Bird pulley on the left. Our LS uses a 6-ribbed belt and revs higher than the SuperCoupes - so we need a different setup.

I have been using this formula:
boost = drive ratio X blower displacement X 25.58 / engine displacement - 14.7

so in my case:
drive ratio = crank pulley / sc pulley = 5.635/2.7 = 2.0938
boost = 2.0938 X 90ci X 25.58 / 240ci - 14.7
boost = 4820.34636 / 240 - 14.7
boost = 20.0847765 - 14.7
boost = 5.39 psi

I am running a 2.9" pulley right now making ~4psi (don't really know until we get to datalog again).

Eaton also specs a 12,500 rpm rev limit for that M90, so if you are running the blower at ~3x engine speed, that would put the engine redline around 4200 rpm, which is probably a lot lower than you want...
right - so on my new setup - 5.3psi of boost using the 2.7" SC drive pulley, my drive ratio is 2.0938

So with a 6,500rpm redline - I'll be pushing it.

But - I also upgraded the snout bearings, the coupler, and rotor bearings to the best I could buy - just in case I'm at the limit.... ;)
I would not worry about it at all.

I run my M90 daily at about 15,500 rpm (2.8 pulley, 6.9 crank, 6300rpm shift)
and on the track a little over 18,000 rpm (2.6 pulley, 6.9 crank, 6300rpm shift)

I have done it for years and have not had a problem. Besides the amount of heat it creates because the m90 becomes much less efficient at those kind of rpm.

I haven't read this entire thread, but if you are not intercooling it, you may seriously want to consider it.
cool - the guys over a SCCoA are way up there in rpms as well...

Yep I'm running a FMIC - 27 x 7.5 x 3.5 getting about 77% out of it....
To make this an easier read I've begun to save it to my comp so I can take out any arguments, or any other nonpertinent talk. OK? But, I don't know what to do with it afterwards to make it easily accessible to everyone. Any suggestions?
Once the project's wrapped up - we can make one new post, manual style, and repost.

thanks for the help.
ok, well, thats a good thing since my computer at work is old and couldn't even get through the first page before it locked up.
dave2000ls, download Firefox, goto options, de-select automatically load pictures. Then, download the adblock extension, and right click on the ads and adblock them, this will make a text-only browser which would be old-computer friendly(or in my case, remote desktop friendly)
thanks nick, but, supposedly the dept. is going to replace it sometime soon
Hey Quik...Great to see your progress. I wish I could have waited out on my LS a little longer, but I had to let it go.

Great Job, you've accomplished more than anyone on this forum, and I don't care who would object to this. 99% of the people, myself included, wouldn't dare put the time and effort into a project like this; on a car that was so restrictive.

I'm reconsidering buying another LS8 now

You probably already answered this in the 20 something pages before this, but what kind of track times are you looking for when this is all said and done?
quick, did you do anything to kill your compression to push more boost? could you do it with thicker head gaskets, like some cometics.
Its not hard. Spend 5 years on a project yourself and waiting 2-3 years for another's project isn't so bad.
yep - sorry - as you saw in my other post - my company purchased three other companies in the past 45days... so I've been traveling non-stop. Haven't done much on the house, yard or car - it's running fine, just at the last tuning spot then see if we need to up the injectors and/or downsize the pulley.

SCT did release the firmware for the LiveLink to do pass-through datalogging - which is a big deal for me - since my wideband O2 sensor and MAP is wired into the LiveWire now...

I've got about another month of craziness before I can focus on the LS. I bought another car that is taking up some of my 'free time' until I get the boost/fuel/spark right on it. Heck - Rocket should be finished before that!

Maybe we can plan another 'LS Day' and make it a trip to the dyno - run all our cars?
Sc Ls

Hey Quik, So any luck so far on the progress of your ls? I was at the junk yard with my friend the other day and came across a 90 sc tbird. fourtunately I had 120 bucks burning a hole in my pocket. So I whiped out some tools and snagged the charger for 130. So now im in the process of going part for part and dollar to paycheck lol. But as many people or men in general say you only live once. I tried getting this sc on ebay but the seller never came through. But thats ebay for you sometimes. Anyways if you have any advice I could use on parts tuning etc. I would be willing to help you out some how for your time. Truthfully I dont know where to begin but at the same time I am determined to get er done in due time. I mean hell if im still paying 12 grand on a 8 grand blue book car I might as well make it worth every penny. I shelled out money for the front brakes about 2 weeks ago. now the drivers rear back pad failed so now I have to deal with schucks to try to get it replaced by warranty . But thats just cars sometimes. Better luck tommorow in my case. But I got a stall in the garage of my apartment today so I have some space to start a project. Ever since the day I found this site and your post I have been dreaming of creating a car similar to yours. I mean having a corvette is one thing, but a sedan similar to a corvette is just amazing. Thanks Quik and hope everything is going well for you, Mike


Which supercharger are ya'll using? I have one off of a grand prix but im not sure what model it is.

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