Stainless Steel Rear Shock Mounts and Poly Bushings

Well Jay, here are the pics you requested. If you're using Tbird shocks, you will need to open up the hole to 29/64ths. It was a piece of cake and these things fit and look perfectly. I feel so much better with these installed.


I know, Gabriel Ultras are supposedly gay but they feel pretty good to me.


It was dark so sorry for the bad picture.


My home made rear upper spring perch are working flawlessly.


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I'll try, but Probably not in time to get them in the mail that day. Most likely on Monday. I'm working 12-hour night shifts thru Friday night, so I'm pretty much worthless on those days and sleep most of the day. I plan to have the first 15 done and in the mail on Monday.

They look great..hope you are saving a set for me. Let me know what day of the week works for you for me to make the trek south. I can come almost anyday of the week. You can let me do the wrenchin! I like the welding unit, but I was wondering what that monstrosity in the back ground is...the engine for a jetpack! That way you can fly to work! Hope you and family are doing well.Thanks!:cool: ttyl:blah:
Never mind, found Konis for her. ;)

Yellow Konis .... ;)

Excellent. $100 a piece + shipping. The Koni sports 8041-1202 for T Birds is what you want.
Hello, a newbie here but long time lurker and have used this site extensively to keep my Marks running. Just found the KYBs' I bought for my 95 Mk before it was totaled and my 96 needs these brackets to complete the swap. If there are any sets left I would gladly purchase one. Thank you very much, Fred.
Sorry guys, I've been in the process of moving, and haven't been on here much lately. I'll make sure to respond to you guys tomorrow.
whens the next run?

Right now.

There are 5 sets already paid for, that are going out today. After that, I have 7 more sets left in this batch.

I've been really sick with some sort of mutant flu since Christmas, so I haven't been very proactive with these lately. If you're ready to buy, please PM me for payment details.
Hi, Jay

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About Size of stud;
Are you talking about center stud or two side stud? I'm looking for Koni, bilestein shock for my rear. Right now, I have a Monroe.

is any problem with those shock?

Sorry about that. I cleared out some PM's so there's room now.

I'm talking about the center stud. Monroe has a 3/8" stud, but the Koni's have a 12mm (larger) stud. I'm not sure about the Bilsteins.

They can be used as is with your Monroes, but will need to be drilled larger if you change to the Koni's. With a good drill and a vice, it's something you can do at home. Otherwise I'm sure a machine shop could do it pretty cheaply.
You may have just missed the bus. I think the last set I currently have were just sold.

If you're willing to pre-pay and don't mind waiting a couple weeks, I could get another batch going though.

Let me know.
I want in on the next batch as well. Looks like an excellent product!
ps, your private message in box is full <grin> so send me a message with contact info please.
I just checked, and my inbox has a good amount of empty space.

I think you're the one I spoke with through email though, right?

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