Someones using our pics on ebay!

It may just be me but I would never buy anything from someone who puts "We <3 Kissin' Curbs & Speed-Bumps!! :p~~, United States" as there location.
You guys are funny I was just browsing around on ebay and saw the add I was like WTF!!!
Manoli, i would personally just let it go, unless you really oppose his wrongdoing. You can always take some legal action. But, at the same time i don't know how it would work, cause the web is a public place and stuff like that is expected to happen, unfortunatley.
Watermark is one of the easiest ways to prevent copyright infringment.
Sue him! Get everyone on LVC free home depot lips!
You could report it to Ebay and have them remove your picture.
That eBay ad made my head hurt.

Hope no one receives a headache after reading this.
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The punctuation in your post gives me a headache.
I just sent them this message:

"Nice ivory Lincoln LS in your photos. The photo that was taken during the wintertime. That's my car. I took that photo. I did not use your product to install. Are you falsely advertising your product?"
Im sure more pics will pop-up on ebay as the LS becomes older and more affordable.

Pektel have you heard anything?
Im sure more pics will pop-up on ebay as the LS becomes older and more affordable.

Pektel have you heard anything?

Yep. Haven't checked the ad yet, but got 2 messages:

"Hey there!!,

We have a Policy of Refunding Shipping fees for a few [3] Pictures taken of your vehicle with the product installed & eMailed back to us.

We naturally get HUNDREDS of Pic's sent back to us along with permission to post & use them in our listings, naturally, since we are paying for them (By Refunding Shipping costs).

This has been our policy since 2007 except that in 2010 we had to slightly modify the policy:- We now require 3 Pic's taken from different angles to be sent back to us.

Reason?? "That's my car. I took that photo".

Apparently some people abused our policy or were too lazy to snap their own Pic's & merely took other peoples pic's & sent them to us.

We've gotten a few nice & polite eMails over the years from people like you (Actually, truth be told??, Some were VERY NASTY & Just plain MEAN) Asking why we have their Pictures of their vehicles in our listings.

We are VERY EASY to deal with regarding any questions, concerns or Issues, HOWEVER we can only deal with such things if a person POLITELY communicates with us and is willing to patiently extend some courtesy & consideration.

If you will please give us the info of where your "Pic" was taken from??. We'll review it & verify it. We'll then continue the conversation with you & make a final determination on the matter WITH your consideration & involvement and with a general consensus.

Is that ok??.

We appreciate the chance to work respectfully, & with mutual consideration on this matter.

Just Please be a bit more Specific on WHICH Car is "Yours" (Colour, Plate Number, ID Markings) & please cite the Specific URL or Link to where you Pic might have been taken from??.

We've got over 600 vehicle specific listings each of which have a gallery of 12 Pictures.

We need some Specific's please to get this matter addressed and respectfully resolved.

Can't merely do that with an assertion that lacks any corresponding "proof".

Wouldn't you agree?

Thanks for the Courtesy =)"

And then this one:

Hey there Pektel!!

You Know what??, We immediately responded to your eMail concern, respectfully in GREAT Detail as well.

We check that Pic & we found it was a SINGLE Pic sent back to us thus indicating it was under the previous policy of what we now require of 3 Pics'

We don't like the "Look" of that Pic anyways so, we're going to remove it anyways.

Problem solved for you and for us, n'est pas??.

Cheers for your perceived courteous tone of your eMail inquiry nevertheless, we get some real nasty rude ones some-times.

People in this Country are just plain MEAN it seems without a decorum of civility.

Not you, tho'...You must be an Immigrant like we are??.

Thanks again for your courtesy & for notifying us of this anomaly.

"Your" Pic has been removed.

With respectful regards:-

For the record: No, I'm not an immigrant. Just an all around nice guy. :D
Immigrant ha? lol

I am pretty sure both of those emails are sent to every customer in that very order just to cover their a55 against copyright infringement.
Wow thats insane Pektel i cant believe that second email calling you a immigrant, I sent an email and still haven't received anything yet.

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