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2002 lsv8 28.4mpg highway!

For some reason it's listed s Pacific Blue. ... Something

different name ?

When I pulled the info from Vin it was listed as Pacific .

Wherever you are looking at it, it is not right. That's an Aqua Blue color
LS timelapse.jpg

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By far, the best ever pic I've seen posted to LVC to date.
Needs to be re-posted to LS image gallery periodically.

Hey all,

I've been hanging out here for a while now and want to give big thanks to everyone for all the tips and installation examples which helped me quite a bit over the past couple years.

I bought my 2006 Lincoln LS Premium Sport in October 2007 from a Fleet Sale with only 37K miles. Then, in early 2008 I was rear-ended at a stoplight by a hydroplaning teenager. The Insurance Agency said it will be repaired and not totaled out (which is what I originally wanted), but afterwards it felt brand new again. The repairs took a couple months, and I was real happy with the work and being able to keep driving her again, because it truly is a great automobile.

Within the past year I've upgraded to a Moog Suspension, PowerStop performance Brakes and Rotors, K&N Air Filter (she loves to breath now), and new Japanese Toyo Tires to grip the German Autobahns. She crisply accelerates, and cruises smoothly at an average of 100-120mph without hesitation.

I've included my latest photo taken while cruising through the Swiss Alps. I like this car so much I couldn't resist creating this breathtaking shot in all her majestic beauty.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Lincoln LS - Accident Side 2008.jpg

Lincoln LS - Accident Rear 2008.jpg

Lincoln LS - Repaired Rear.jpg

Lincoln LS - Alps 2012.jpg
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It's been a year since I posted pics... Back then i was on 16" Jaguar Artemis wheels. Now I have 18"Jaguar Tritons. Factory headlights have replaced with the Gen 2 conversion headlights with Halos. Aftermarket CAI from eBay. BMW M rear spoiler and 06 front bumper conversion. All color matched. Interior wise Pioneer Deck. Changed color of seatbelts to contrast grey interior. Vinyl wrapped front trim pieces. Swapped headrests with headrest from Jag S type. Upper Control armsand new brakes and rotor on all four corners.







My 2000 that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. Finished painting the bumper today, throwing on a set of Eibach springs next weekend. Note the bumper is just set on, I’ll wait to install everything until after the springs. Painted the upper grille body color (light parchment) rather than leaving it chrome. I guess I like the Gen I grille a little better on this car! Also have the Gen II/LSE side skirts that will go on soon. Making progress, but still a ways to go!


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