Official LS Picture Thread

thoughts any one??

Official LS Picture Thread

PS: get off the weed, it's not helping you any!

My apologies ... I though you were stoned, posting tiny for-sale wheel ads in the LS picture thread ...

Do you have any good quality pics of your LS you could share?
Allfitlipkit ( front and sides) , basically an overpriced garage door sealer lol

Yes sir , got hooked up with a set so I slapped it on to hide some bumper scratches
My name for the color is Hyper-Meta-Storm , started with two gallons of gunmetal grey as a base and then added 9 pearls into 2 gallons of anthracite , pearls I used are the following: (DYC Pearls= hyper silver, hyper black, hyper titanium, sterling silver alloy, stormcloud grey, black betty. KP Pearls: Underground Punisher, stainless steel metal , and sparkling graphite ). finished it off with 2 coats of dyc topcoat for a satin finish

please excuse the wheel gap on the driveway pic, it was super uneven lol



Thanks man , it wasn't as official as yours , I only removed the headlights, tailights and the grille.

All depends on how wet you apply it and the number of coats , 1 to 3 coats is satin , 4 to 6 is high gloss , i did a speed shape with 2 really wet coats and it came out like oem paint shiny

Yoo , i got a new instagram if you care to follow lol

Right on, just wondering how you did the taping. I just want a better idea on easily dipping around the trim and handles for my next color. I would love to now have to remove everything. I would probably change colors way more often.
it was a btch lol , tape as close as you can , I used a straight edge blade to help cut the tape to fit better, what sucked is running to get the pieces of tape off before it dries lol
pardon my ignorance but WTF is this?


Fishing lure? something from a keychain? Medieval jock strap ... I don't get it ... what is it?
Looks like something a frog would hide under during a nuclear threat!
Haha all those are really close , it is called a speed shape , you can pre test dip colors on it before using it on a car or wheels

Interesting, did NOT know, learn something new everyday. I can now see the reasoning behind it. +1 Thanks!


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