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No, It's clean, not matte and S3 phone camera shot at night.
Help me decide?

Which grille should I keep?

Gen 1 LSE (Try to not take wheels and side skirts into consideration lol)



Gen 2 LSE:

gen1 lse but I would paint the waterfall black to match the lower

didn't you have a mclaren i thought?
I've had 3 lol sold 2. Holding on to the 3rd one for a bit...maybe.

And idk i've rocked that look before with the gen 1 LSE. Kinda like its original form better. The mclaren is probably the only one i'd use with a black center these days.

Gen 1 LSE black center:
Ohhhh mlara. For sure the gen I and paint those barcelonas the same color as the grille insert. Actually as light as the gen I LSE grille is maybe the gunmetal/charcoal colored plasti dip would be pretty close. Add some metalizer and gloss and your good to go pretty cheaply
Looks fantastic jmtiseo. Only thing i would say is cover up the part of the hood that can be seen thru the grille...with some black electric tape or something.
Or, dare I say, Plastidip! I'll give it a try next weekend for I have an extra can from the stock wheel Plastidip debacle.
Looks great jmtiseo.. makes me wanna get a mclaren now!
Mlara trade my cdc grille for that mclaren??
although it is vivid red already, jmtiseo..uhh that mclaren. trade? lol
McLaren for your front bumper. Not sure who would make out in the end of that one lol.
Sexy stuff! but why not just remove the front license plate bracket?

Someone drilled 4 holes in the bumper and the paint is chipped pretty bad around them.

Got some plans going so hopefully I won't have that bumper long anyway.
LSs are lookin good fellas.
Mlara I vote keep the gen one lse....and add hid or led fogs :)
Eventually, if I have it long enough I want to black everything out also. Black wheels, color matched trim (grille and trunk piece)...
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