LMS CobraStar wire covers.

Geno i got a plain polished set from 5.0resto for $30 ( last set guys sorry) just wondering why your set is over $100, id buy yours if not so much, i deffinatly love your logo yet i agree somewhat with ripped camel, i would personally keep it to the logo and Lincoln Motor Sports
but i see your point in adding the slogan as well, would help push the other items and get people to order the products that actually make these cars extra bad a$$,

that being said.. whats up with the exhaust sytem ? are you getting more made up for sale? headers back or cat back...
I have the thickest skin in the industry brother, nothing to heart here man. Honesty is cool in my book & is well respected.

Ok then, those are about the cheesiest pieces of advertising trash I've ever seen... :shifty: If they just said powered by Lincoln and had your logo, this would be a good idea.
Never heard back from Ryan about these ever, just fell off the face of the Earth. Was supposed to make 2 sets in their last batch, blah blah blah is all I hear now. Some one even pre paid for a set ALL THIS TIME TOO!

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