LMS CobraStar wire covers.


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Mar 8, 2004
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Southern New Jersey.
Heres one design I did tonight.


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Awesome. Let us know if/when u get something for the gen 2.
Estimated price Geno? Sure would beat the hell outta the plastic covers... thats for sure...

And thats just a double image right? Wouldnt the path for the wires be on the other side of the 2nd one?
I'll take a set for my 96 Geno, although it can't really back up "powered by Lincolnmotorsport" as it's mostly stock LOL... got any deals on chips?
Our chip was $299.99 plus s&h and is now $249.99 shipped. Maf kits on sale too, both for $499.99 shipped. Edit I meant $249.99 shipped, sorry, lol.
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Heres the run down. Gold member and introductory price (first 5 sets) will be $169.99 plus S&H. The regular price will be $179.99 plus s&h. Heres the colors available.

1. gloss black
2. matte black
3. true blue
4. ford torch red
5. raw billet (we do not polish)
6. metallic silver
7. gun metal gray
8. white
9. Ford redfire +$25.00 (2 stage powder)
10. Ford sonic blue +$25.00 (2 stage powder)

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