Jag S-type R Wheels Opinions


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Jun 29, 2010
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Which should I go with?

Forgive the filthy car.

Not PSed

1: Vulcans

2: Zeus
The Vulcans look a lot better.

How many sets of wheels you got anyway? I will buy a set if you decide to sell.
Don't listen to them...Zeus it is and sell me the Vulcans !o!
The Zeus wheels are more on a sporty side. The Vulcans make the car look moreeee ---takes a puff from the cigar --- sumptuous.
Vulcans! But the Zeus are great looking wheels too.
I like them both but Zeus look allot better in chrome.
I have the Zeus chrome wheels on my black LSE and they look great.
I like the Zues wheels myself!! maybe thats why i"m trying to get rid of my Vulcans? LOL
This is very frustrating at 6:50 AM :D ... I can't decide, they both look bada$$

I would have to say Vulcan
The chrome Zeus look better on a black car but the regular finish Vulcans look better on a lighter car... So Vulcans for you it is!!
You guys with the bigger wheels (and lowered) are starting to convince me...

I have to admit that I have been looking at the Vulcans myself (and others).

I'd say Vulcans. (Both are great)
I think the Zeus wheels look great in silver on a silver LS and in chrome on a black LS. Everything else looks better with Vulcans.
Vulcans on the drivers side, Zeus on the passenger side...big pimpin...
Alright guys seems like the consensus is the Vulcans.

However, I have a confession to make...I only have the 2 wheels pictured lol. They're 2 fronts, i dont have the whole set :(

I threw them on to see which would look better, and the more i see them, and most of you guys would agree, the vulcans look better. I'm going to start looking for a set. Maybe 66coupe would like to make a deal?

In the meantime I'm using one of them, i blew a tire on one of the front zeus wheels, and these came in handy since its pretty much the same wheel (bolt pattern, offset, width) just a different design. Looks funny, but sounds pretty badass if i say its my spare. "you have a full sized Vulcan wheel as your spare?!?!?" lol

Anyway, picked them up locally. Someone was going to snag them from under me(or so the seller said), so i just pulled the trigger.

They are/will be on sale. Likely no tires. But Alax has dibbs on them, when his ready, unless he doesnt want them anymore.

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