How do you feel about Biden NOW?

I know for a FACT ...Most ppl have there head in the sand ...I guess it's just more comfortable ...but for the few and far between who like to ponder on the Grand scheme of things...this is scary ...I mean you hear all these experts mock the old fashion and traditional thinkers of yesteryear who believe and hang on every word of GOD ...( yup that's me reading and believing Revelations and I'm not ashamed in the least ) ...amazing how such an old scroll continues to unravel before our eyes each and every day ...Yes I realize I'm a very small speck in this universe life span is a snap of your fingers but to be here in the end of times is fascinating...whether I'm still alive to see this plan to the end or I'm sitting in Paradise either way I'm taken back how such an old writing gets proven by the Governments of the World
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2 Timothy 3:1-5
New International Version

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.
Changing gears (and back on thread topic)...

So... watching the new James Bond movie (No Time to Die)

Interesting "one liner" in the movie.

"When you infect the people, the people become the weapon".


Scroll down and click on "description". Very interesting. (Hmm)
Total U.S. population as of Dec. 1, 2021 was estimated at 331,893,745, making it the third most populated country in the world behind China (1.449 billion), India (1.380 billion), and ahead of Indonesia (274 million) and Pakistan (221 million).Dec 22, 2021

Scroll down and click on "description". Very interesting. (Hmm)
I guess if this monument in Georgia is referring to the United States then Something is keeping Population control in check....Herion pandemic...Katrina ...Covid...just to name a few ...but really looking at the big picture ...some so called experts have said the earth extinguished itself a few times already and humans being such greedy little pigs are on the road of extinction again ...hell one button during the Cold War would have ended it all not too long ago
From the link provided...

"Scientists estimate that 99% of all living organisms that have ever lived on earth are now extinct. The planet’s natural ecosystem is constantly evolving and as the environment changes certain older species will begin to fade away."

Being much younger than the earth... I seriously doubt the human race has caused all of those extinctions.

The dinosaurs were killed off by a large comet/meteor strike in the Yucatan Peninsula a long time ago.

Shark bones and dinosaur bones have been found TOGETHER in mountainous regions across the globe.

Yes... we as humans have mismanaged the earth... but we can't take the blame for volcanic eruptions that spew more CO2 into the atmosphere in one eruption... than the millions of cars that people drive daily.

If anyone remembers when Covid first hit... people stopped driving... and the earths atmosphere cleared up, allowing the earths tempetature to warm.

This gave Bill Gates the brilliant (cough, cough) idea to seed dust in the atmosphere (every few years) to cool the earths temperature.

Humans have meddled enough with the earth.

On top of that... with the old forest growth and lightning strikes (or human idiots) causing forest fires (which causes property and human life losses)... it would be more beneficial to do responsible "deforestation" and allow for new growth... which is what naturally happens after a forest fire.

Anyone try to plant a pine cone and grow a pine tree? It doesn't work that way. The seeds in the pine cone are released when heated and/or burned.

Nature takes care of itsself if for the most part leave it alone... and maybe give it a little help from time to time (land management).

On the other hand... we have Lake Mead drying up... and the idiots are blaming climate change.

BS!!! It dried up because of all the population growth along the West coast... because Lake Mead has been the water supply for them... for decades.

Cali (and Vegas) is getting so desparate for water... that Cali is trying to pull "eminent domain" on peoples private water wells in the mountans.

Granted... Cali is building desalinization plants along the coast, to make ocean water drinkable... but it's been "small scale" and can't keep up with the population demand... and windmills and solar panels aren't going to be enough.

The West (and East) coast needs to learn from Japan and build wave generator power plants... but that will take 10 years of Oceanic environmental impact studies... nevermind the fact that lazy and irresposible idiots that don't recycle properly, and allow tons of plastic to get in our waterways ... that DOES harm wildlife.

Despite all of this... the earth will keep doing the same thing it has always done... with or without our help.

Personally... I don't think we humans are going to be around in 20 years... so the article above is a moot point. da man!
I agree with you whole heartedly.
If you ever come to Denver CO, I'll buy you lunch.
Have you ever ran for office? I'll vote for you.
hell one button during the Cold War would have ended it all not too long ago

Supposely that's why the monument was erected. Plan for a new start. But who choses the 500 million? Many of the same ideas have been emulated through the various Star Trek TV shows and Movies.

I suggest that people watch the latest (and last Daniel Craig) Bond movie. It gives alot to think about.
Have you ever ran for office? I'll vote for you.

That has been suggested by a couple other people on this forum.

Not my cup of tea. I don't like the limelight... even though it just seems to sometimes "happen".

I'm more of a "grass roots" type of person. Besides... I deal with a different type of "politics" in my line of work... and I don't like it.

I will say this though... BEWARE of Joe Biden. His "senile old coot" act... is just that. An act!!!

He is very dangerous to this country... and selling us out.
Since the 2020 campaign... when is the last time anyone heard Biden stutter???

I know very recently he had no problem calling someone a "stupid son of a bitch" when he didn't realize the microphone was still on.

People were thinking that Biden was ignorant about the "let's go Brandon" thing... poking fun at himself. He knows what is happening. It's all an act.

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