Blew the cobra intake manifold up!

And I didn't blow the motor, just the upper plenum...

yea, that's like saying "I only jackoff a little bit".

When you blow the intake apart on an engine.. you "blew the engine".

So you didn't chunk a rod out the side of the block? that doesnt mean your engine didn't BLOW UP.

Just exactly how I described it to KK on the phone....

the failure occured around the bolt holes.

damn I shoulda bought a lottery ticket last night.
heres a video, its not 98LSC32V, not a markviii, not a B head dohc, but it is a intake getting blown off

The car on the dyno, sprayed way way below 3K and WALA...
instant intake removal, no tools required, other than the "t00ls" standing too close to the dyno.
You need to watch those welds on the intake in the future. You might blow them with two of the big bottles.

If it were me.. I'd FIX that intake....
just gather up the peices and have it fixed.

no big deal.
If you need another upper manifold I have one that I may get rid of. Send me a message if you are interested and in need of one.
Now you know not to ignore the computer when it says "Danger to the Manifold" :lol:

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