Another day at the track

KK, I know you don't care for the builder of my transmission and converter, but they are far from stock and I doubt they will be a deciding factor on the rpm limit... at this point anyways.

Now I don't know what Langton runs but I'm guessing he didn't find out by accident either. LOL :D

Back on the '96 - I figure this may have been the last outing for it N/A. The next step for it will be a S-trim Vortech with an intercooler. I hope to find time to install it this winter. The setup will not be all-out for the track but more of a street machine with mild boost.

It will never be as quick as the '93 anyways. :p
I was just going to bring up you surfing for Vortech parts on LOD... wondering if you were bsing us... lol

Johny's car is a FREAK... 11.15's... NA 2v with NPI heads :eek:

As far as your trans go I'm sure it can stand up to plenty of abuse... lots more than a stock unit... I've heard rumors of 8000rpm 1,2's on JL's car... so ya, don't know if that is true... but I ran across that number surfing for info on his ride...
8000 wouldn't suprise me, you can do 7000 with a stock bottom end.

As far as the Vortech fishing, all I've got left to put in the net is a crossover pipe and intercooler. There will be some tubing of course and a lot of small stuff, but I've got all winter to figure it out once I park it in the garage. The most aggravating part will be finding someone to put the '04 Cobra headers on before I park it. LOL :D

The '96 has 150K on the clock now, so the boost will be mild and the tune plenty safe, so I'll guess no faster than low 13s on a good day. For no more than it has now (4.10s, trac-lok, 3500 converter, cat back exhaust, J-mod and chip), a 14.2 isn't bad but a tad disappointing still yet. So I'm just going to put the blower on it and call it a day. With some rear shocks, bigger sway bar and some higher end tires, it will make a sweet road cruiser on the street. I've even considered trying out a road course or two with it. :)

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