2014 Lincoln MarkVIII Calendar Poll

I already created the template for a page border and am happy to move forward with it if you guys are still interested. I'd really like to use it because it's a nice tool for filling in spaces that wider images would otherwise leave blank when printed.

We have votes, so why don't we just move forward on this so that people can have them in time for Christmas?

Markviiiedrea, what do you think? I have my template in Photoshop, but will admit it's a little tricky to manipulate the border. Do you mind if I edit the images?

If everyone is alright with this, then the winners are:

Top 12
#3 w/23
#22 w/21
#25 w/21
#5 w/20
#7 w/19
#9 w/19
#17 w/18
#11 w/17
#19 w/17
#24 w/17
#15 w/16
#12 w/14

It seems fair that preference for what month your car gets to be should be taken in order of votes starting with #3 getting to pick first. Maybe everybody should pick two months in case your first preference is taken.

Winning high resolution images should be emailed to: CAMK8Addicts (at) gmail (dot) com. 1800 x 2300 is the minumum size requirement. This is also the necessary dimension for the cover, so if anybody wants to chime in with ideas... Go for it! We should at least do the same thing as last year with each car on the cover in addition to whatever is chosen for the main image.
Laurie, you should really just go ahead and do the calendar period and I'm serious. Ain't no law against it. Figure up what it would cost to have it printed and binded and go for it. Make yourself about $5 or so off each one. Please though, make it for Jan through Dec. That last one was retarded. I'm missing the last 2 months on it.
Haha! Okay, Terry. You must choose what month to start with when you build the calendar and you might have to make sure when you order one to select the proper starting month. Also, it just remains available on CafePress.com for order so I don't have to worry about printing and selling them. Kind of a nice feature there.

Soon as I get some pics, I'll jump on it! :D
The proper starting month would be January. I have last years now and it's put away because Nov and Dec are missing. It would be around December before it was ready so I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind hanging it up for the New Year.

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