1999 Cadillac ETC - Biarritz

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Only mod was to mount the Bose deck in the trunk, allowing data communication for the alarm and seat/mirror memory settings.

This allowed for the installation of REAL high performance sound!

-Eclipse CD5444 deck
-MB Quart speakers in the front
-Diamond audio in the rear dash
-Eclipse 5/4 amplifier
-Alpine 10" sub (w/ custom box and porting through rear armrest)


HUGE Thanks to Derron & Drew at:

Audio Einsteins
2395 South 4th Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364

(928) 343-1050

I've seen a lot of your work...compared it to other shops...
and what can I say there is NO comparison!
You guys are audio einsteins! Keep up the great work!



Great, Looking, Could've used Diff rims, maybe the 14 spoke chrome in my opinion, still good looking though

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