1998 Ford Falcon XR6 VCT

General Description

An Australian car based on the Falcon AU Platform.

XR6 'VCT' Engine:

* 4.0 litre inline six cylinder.
* 172kW @ 5000rpm (VCT)
* 370Nm @ 3500rpm (VCT)
* Overhead Cam with roller rockers, variable cam timing unit & roller cam followers (VCT).
* VCT engine features a unique head and rocker cover to enable fitment of the externally fed (oil supply) VCT unit. Rocker cover features unique styling - as fitted to the Fairmont Ghia.
* Alloy head with direct heat detection sender on the back of no.6 combustion chamber
* Unique 'VCT' head for XR6 VCT feature red powder coated rocker covers with silver machined high lights.
* Stronger AU head studs with greater pull down tensions.
* New two-piece head gasket for AU to further aid in reducing blown head gaskets.
* Sequential fuel injection.
* Dual resonance intake manifold for a better torque spread than previously possible.
* Serpentine accessory drive belt for increased quietness and reliability.
* Fail safe cooling (engine can literally run without coolant in it - theoretically it is impossible to cook this engine due to loss of coolant).
* ‘Smart start’ - prevents you from engaging the starter motor if the engine is already running.
* Structural sump for quieter operation and increased block stiffness.
* New stiffer and better balanced crankshaft for quieter operation and less NVH - with machined counterweights for piston clearance and better balance.
* Longer conrods for better fuel economy & better burn control.
* New short skirt anti-friction coated pistons for better fuel economy.
* Overall, a much sweeter and easier engine to rev than ever before...
* Free flowing 'sports' exhaust system fitted to XR6 'VCT' with large oval chrome tip


And yet, I want a Lincoln for here in Aust! Hmmm, grass is always greener. Anyhow, thanks Joey! It's good to be different!

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