1996 Lincoln Mark VIII with 108,000 miles

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I now also have a 1996 LSC (cream/pearl?) with no rust coming from California.... but the undercarriage & engine compartment need some cleaning up on this one (no rust tho). I need to replace the stock stereo (the on/off button doesn't work - its always on... which makes going through a car wash irritating while holding the button the entire time). The windshield is also cracked (next on my list to fix). The rear trunk light extension enclosure needs replacing as the chrome is bad and the trunk key cover is worn out. Also need to replace the grill (a small break in 2 ribs... hardly noticeable from 10 ft., but I want to make it perfect). This one has coil overs and new tires (it is 108,000 miles) and I have taller coils if someone wants to lift it higher) & is slightly comparable to my almost perfect 95 with 78,000 miles.

A picture of this Mark..... in front of the sandstone cliffs in New Mexico. :)


Nice Mark VIII. Its a labor of love, you'll get it lookin perfect as you want it.

By the way very beautiful pic of the mountains.
So, I just added additional pictures showing the overall condition.

Since getting the car, I replaced the tires with new ones from Discount Tire, I removed the "cheap" tint on the rear side windows, I replaced the windshield, I repaired the chrome on the rear trunk (that... was not easy, I pulled chrome off of a j/y car that's rear lens was already damaged), I replaced the rear brakes (pads/rotors), and have detailed the interior.

I had the car completely inspected at my Lincoln Dealership in Barrington, IL and it truly has no known issues. At 109,000 miles, it runs and purrs like a kitten (and is appreciated at local car shows).

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