1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC with 75,500 miles

  • This 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII (regarding condition) is a 9 out of 10. It runs perfectly. This pic is in front the the south rim of the Grand Canyon last month. The Air Ride suspension works great. There is no rust (as you can see), and also regarding the under carriage. I'd say, this is the nicest / cleanest luxury car I have ever owned (I like it even better than my 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus). With the replacement stereo, I am now able to do Bluetooth phone calls (necessary here in Illinois due to strict phone cell use laws) & it also has NAV built in. I am also able to use streaming radio from my cell phone (and if I want to use Google Maps to report traffic, it plays over the stereo). I will be adding a rear camera in a couple of weeks. No it isn't the latest Ford Sync solution, but it works good enough for government work). I'd be interested in hearing opinions about this gem. ;)

    Lincoln0.jpg Lincoln1.jpg Lincoln2.jpg Lincoln3.jpg Lincoln4.jpg Lincoln5.jpg Lincoln6.jpg Lincoln7.jpg Lincoln8.jpg Lincoln9.jpg Lincoln10.jpg Lincoln11.jpg Lincoln12.jpg Lincoln13.jpg Lincoln14.jpg Lincoln16.jpg Lincoln17.jpg Lincoln18.jpg Lincoln19.jpg Lincoln20.jpg Lincoln21.jpg Lincoln22.jpg Lincoln23.jpg Lincoln24.jpg Lincoln25.jpg Lincoln26.jpg Lincoln27.jpg Lincoln28.jpg Lincoln29.jpg Lincoln30.jpg Lincoln31.jpg Lincoln32.jpg

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  1. gharger
    Nice Mark. I have a '94 in red with only 48k miles on it almost as clean as yours.
  2. amarine1
    This car is still driving like a cream puff. I can't believe how lucky I was in getting this Mark VIII.
    Its the cleanest mark I have seen and it all work with not getting out the wrenches to fix
    1. amarine1
      Thanks. It is indeed incredibly clean. Even cleaner than the 1996 Mark VIII that I just got.
      amarine1, May 3, 2019
  4. Svets96
    Car looks great! Like the color a lot.
      amarine1 likes this.
    1. amarine1
      Thanks. It gets a slew of looks. I just have to reverse the tires next week so they are on correctly.
      amarine1, May 3, 2019
      Svets96 likes this.
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