1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

  • 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Gold Package
    117,000 Miles Black/Black
    Chrome 16" "Octastar" Rims

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    I wonder how you come by these car.s Just pristine. No offense but being inside lvc can give you some leads .I liked the car with chrome mufflers, not this one . I take it you have ownned many marks. I had a 70 mark 3 in 1974
  2. JC1994
    oh, man OCTASTARS too??? you are a lucky man!!!
  3. JC1994
    AWESOME 94 {yeah I'm biased about 94's Lol!!} black on black.... Saweeet!!
  4. rrich
    Nice Ride
  5. Lincolns Own
    i love the octastars on ur mark. looks awsome, and i didnt used to like that style of wheel :)
  6. FUJI
  7. mac4aday
    Car looks great. I hope my paint job turns out that good.
  8. 215VIII
    Hot. Just got a black/tan 94 MarkVIII. My first car. College eating all my restoration money though.
  9. StevosMark
    Mark & Monte, my two favorite cars. I hope my Mark comes out like yours. except in WK opal etc
  10. softailboizzindy
    That is a SHARP Mark!!! very classy,I hope for a black Lincoln this next time, god I pray it's as pretty as your's! Thats a clean car man, I Love It, looks great!:)
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