1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

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1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Gold Package
117,000 Miles Black/Black
Chrome 16" "Octastar" Rims


Mark II, Mark III, Mark VIII what a great collection. What's missing? That one of a kind '67-69 Thunderbird that served as the bases for the Mark III, and the '61 Contental.
do you currently have all those Lincolns? My best friend had the Mark II in black, what a great car. Gotta love the Lincolns!
Nice cars but I was under the impression that you were the owner of a Markvii...It's all good thought!!!!!
Nice Mk VIII. Actually, the MkIII was based on the '67-'69 4-door chassis. The '61 Conti shared the 3rd generation T-Bird bodyshell. Note the firewall & the "A" posts.
Man nice ride Joey! Just bought 98 Mark VIII. Just like new. Want to up the performance some any suggestions?
That is a SHARP Mark!!! very classy,I hope for a black Lincoln this next time, god I pray it's as pretty as your's! Thats a clean car man, I Love It, looks great!:)
Hot. Just got a black/tan 94 MarkVIII. My first car. College eating all my restoration money though.

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