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  1. SATURN5

    97/98 door mirror wiring diagram

    need wiring diagram for mirrors
  2. SATURN5

    97/98 door mirror wiring diagram

    Anyone have the diagrams for the gen 2 door mirrors? I found an old thread but the links are dead. Thanks.
  3. SATURN5

    grrey front leather grey covers

    feeler for a set of front grey lower (and/or with upper) seat covers.
  4. SATURN5

    Mark VIII/MN12 front, IRS braces

    Yeah, I'm currently not building braces as I'm busy remodeling my home. I hopefully will be able to start offering braces again maybe late summer. I doubt tho that I'll offer up the full length subframe connectors. They are just to much of a pain to ship due to the length.
  5. SATURN5

    It Finally happened F7%#!!!!

    Compression check it.... Even better, a leakdown test.
  6. SATURN5

    Brake Upgrade of the Day

    13" rear rotors?
  7. SATURN5

    2001 Lincoln LS Seat Wiring Diagram

    I'd like a copy of Gen 1 seats as well please. Thanks.
  8. SATURN5

    What's needed...

    Thanks. I didn't want to drag out a ton of tools and find out they used something odd...
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    What's needed...

    To pull the front seats out of a LS? I saw one in a local yard last weekend with some very nice seats, but I didn't have time to investigate what Lincoln used to bolt them down. IIIRC it was a 2004... Thanks.
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    For Sale Mark VIII differential 4.30 limited slip

    03/04 Cobra 31 spline axles with work in the Marks or Birds given the correct diff. 4.30's are just a bit too steep for me... Even for my SVO..
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    Mark VIII Pass side outside door handle

    Got one coming! Thanks mad1stgen!
  12. SATURN5

    Mark VIII Pass side outside door handle

    Wife broke the outside pass door handle, need a replacement. First choice is black, but I'll look at any good handle..
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    Yeah, stock Mark engine. Figure 6-10lbs should be okay with conservative timing. Noticed I haven't put an update pic of Jr's Jeep.....
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    Yeah... So I've gone silly and decided I needed a GT500 M122 in my life..... MMR delete plates, gutted Cobra lower, 1" adapter plate. I "think" I can fangle a Cobra IC inside the lower/adapter. Running a single 8 rib belt, relocating and flipping the alt, Marauder Eaton swap style, with an...
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    Those are the wheels from the SVO. I had them on the truck when I put the Bullitts on the SVO to see how they looked.
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    Thanks all. I've rolled it around like that for 10 years Chris like that... <shrug>
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    Hubs are finally blasted anyway... lol :) Thank you Boss.
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    Cab is painted...
  19. SATURN5

    The rise of the Gray Ghost...

    Ah.... I saw the lower arms in one of the pics, looked like you had it apart.
  20. SATURN5

    Strongest Tie Rod Ever?

    If it's anything like mine was, the bushing dried out. There seems to be something between the rubber and the eccentric that dries out, falls out, then you lose adjustment. Cost me a set of tires before I caught it.