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    Might be time to retire the LS

    Recently my car has became a money pit. Last month had problems with car banging into 2nd and 3rd gears, had a reman trans put in. Drove fine up until today. Got into my car and noticed that I'm hearing and feeling a loud clunking noise from underneath the car (middle-rear). Only clunks when I...
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    LCA's going bad

    I've had this creak for a while at the front end of my car, but here recently it's gotten worse and you can actually hear it when you push on the outside of the car. I've read that this can be a sign of lcas going bad but could it be something else? And ballpark range how much would this cost to...
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    2004 lincoln ls 3.9 v8 auto 135k parting out

    Still have the door sills that say lincoln? And how are the front and rear surrounds
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    Popping noise when stopping

    Recently I've been noticing a popping noise when braking hard or even coming to a complete stop. I know it can't be the breaks I'm thinking something to do with the suspension. Anyone have ideas or experience?
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    Cleaning interior question

    Here recently I have noticed that the pillars in my car a little dirty (front,middle,rear). I see that they are that weird kind of material, what would you guys recommend cleaning these with? I definitely don't want them to bubble out once they get wet.
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    Highway cruising rpm question

    I know at about 75 I can get 24+ mpg but ill be getting ran off the road lol.
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    Highway cruising rpm question

    The other day I was driving down the highway at about 75-80 mph and I looked down and noticed that my car runs about 2500-3k rpm at 80. Does this not sound right or have I just never noticed this before?
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    HU Mics

    I went out of the ordinary with mine. Mine is actually flush mounted onto the plastic next to the CD player.
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    Battery issue?

    I haven't got it to do it again but I will post back of it does come on again. So you don't think it could have anything to do with me needing a new battery?
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    Battery issue?

    The last few weeks I've been gettin into my car with the service parking brake light on. Well today on my way home my air bag light flashes and then stays on. Shortly after it goes away. Would this have anything to do with needing a new battery?
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    Had a little mishap cracking my bumper cover

    Anyone have an extra genII bumper cover laying around they would want to sell me? I hit some black ice last night and slid into some snow that the plows had plowed days ago. Snow was hard as a rock and it cracked the .... Out of my bumper. Found a websight called that will...
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    Which brakes you think the best.

    I have R1 concepts blanks front and rear with r1 pads all around and I really like them. A little squeeky under light braking but stops on a dime everytime, not to mention no dust at all.
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    Napa Degas bottle (Balkamp)

    Hite do you have pictures and specs on your bottle? I'm actually a tig welder and could prolly get everything I need for the job for free. Would be pretty nice to have!
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    Update on my little ticking noise.

    Yeah my miles are very high at all at 57,000 on a 03. But matter of fact I did notice it quieted down after running Lucas injector cleaner.
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    Update on my little ticking noise.

    Of course when I want the car to make the noise it never does. I'm going to try and get a video. But not very high pitched. It sounds just like a pen clicking or a or pencil tapping a tabletop.
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    Update on my little ticking noise.

    That's the thing, mine has never made the sound up until just a few months ago. But it is fairly loud, only time I really hear it is in drive throughs or up next to another car.
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    Update on my little ticking noise.

    Recently since the cold is here I hear the noise more and more. But today I realized that this noise only happens when my car is in drive. All other gears are silent. The noise is kind of like a pencil tapping a table and somewhat quick. Any ideas at all before I pull the trigger on belt tensioners?
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    Need advice on choosing Woofers

    I found my W6 in a ported box for 250 dollars. Prices seem different in your area but those w3s are nice. Forget that amp though, that's not even enough to push one let alone 2. And I'm pretty sure that box is a JL slash series box. Big $$$
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    Sellyourcatsdirect dot com

    I've read somewhere that you have to weld something onto those cats?
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    Sellyourcatsdirect dot com

    Mlara, what cats do you have on your car now?