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  1. 99 KOBRA

    Whats the mileage on your LS?

    '04 v8-105,000 miles
  2. 99 KOBRA

    Sport or Non-Sport

    My wife's '04 is a V8 Sport. The window sticker says "order code 220A - V8 Sport" instead of "V8 Premium Sport - 222A." Her "Standard Vehicle Price" is $39,460.00 and yours is $43,520.00.
  3. 99 KOBRA

    Official LS Picture Thread

    I like your wheels. My wife's '04 LS V8 has them.
  4. 99 KOBRA

    blinking check engine light

    Your ignition coils are probably shot.
  5. 99 KOBRA

    06 LS now got engine fail safe mode

    My wife's '04 LS V8 Sport got the throttle body and coil problem yesterday. All of the coils were replaced today by the Lincoln dealer under the TSB. The throttle body issue is not covered. So, for about $210, today I got an oil change, all of the coils replaced (and plugs), and the throttle...
  6. 99 KOBRA

    Tire Recommendations

    I put Goodyear Eagle A/S tires on my wife's '04. They're great for this car.
  7. 99 KOBRA

    Arvin Mufflers?

    I had a '99 Mustang Cobra and part of the lower than advertised hp recall fix were mufflers by them.
  8. 99 KOBRA

    To sell or not to sell........

    I would refund the repair cost.
  9. 99 KOBRA

    03 Ls V8 Vs Magnum Hemi

    The LS curb weight is 3,775, not 4,000.
  10. 99 KOBRA

    Stop-Tech Big Brake Kit Info & Pic Request

    Damn! $5,200 for what? I have their 13 inch 4-piston front kit with slotted two-piece rotors on my '04 Mustang Cobra that I use for open track. The front kit cost about $2,000. I think the StopTech brakes are "overkill" for an LS unless you do a lot of open track. The main reason to buy the kit...
  11. 99 KOBRA

    Transmission Issue...go figure

    Does that CAI require a tune?
  12. 99 KOBRA

    coil question

    We got the same letter today for our '04.
  13. 99 KOBRA

    2009 Lincoln MKS Review by Edmunds

    The LS weighs under 3,800 lbs.
  14. 99 KOBRA

    best mod?

    Get your wife a stock LSV8 Sport and get yourself a Z06 or Terminator.
  15. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    I agree that the Shelby has more power potential. I'm just really turned off by its weight. When I take my Cobra to the "track" I'm doing open track, not 1/4 mile runs, so weight is a big deal to me. The 03/04 Cobra weighs too much, but the Shelby is ridiculous. I'm a Ford guy, but I would buy a...
  16. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    Actually, I've got competition licenses from BMW CCA and NASA. Who are you licensed by?
  17. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    I'm sure that we are all real impressed by your knowledge and maturity.
  18. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    The Challenger weighs OVER 4,000 lbs.!!!!!!, the Shelby weighs over 3,900 lbs., and the Camaro is an unknown. Those aren't much better options. A stock Terminator coupe weighs 3,650 lbs. My '04 did 428 rwhp on a Dynojet with just JBA mufflers and a FIPK.
  19. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    The GTO doesn't come equipped like that, does it ? So, that's really not relevant how you could modify a GM product. With the Terminator, all you need is a smaller pully and a tune to gain a lot.
  20. 99 KOBRA

    My New Car

    Post on I'm getting tired of hearing about your Goat. Goats (1st and 2nd generation) are easy to beat with Terminators.