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  1. StarPower

    Larger alternatives to LS?

    2nd gen CTS coupe. I'm 6' 3" with broad shoulders and I've driven one and found it had plenty of shoulder room, even with the Recaro seats (which I believe might be V only). If the non-V has different seat options, make sure you try both. Did you drive a first or 2nd gen Genesis? I have a...
  2. StarPower

    Insurance costs

    Not that young either (34), but when I had my LS insured through State Farm I paid a little over $500 every six months.
  3. StarPower

    Replaced the LS

    It was finally time to replace the LS. I bought a 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Ultimate last week. It appears my LS has already sold. I found the ad last week, but not it's gone. Maybe the new owner will be on here.
  4. StarPower

    Decision Time

    What's your price range for a new Honda or Toyota? If it's about the same as what you paid for the LS, you might find yourself in a similar situation with a car you like less. Maintenance history and condition matter a lot more than brand after a certain age. You could lose all of the money...
  5. StarPower

    What did you do to your LS today?

    I drove my LS around car shopping. I've actually been test-driving cars on and off for the past couple of weeks. It usually takes me a long time to buy a car, and I haven't decided on what I really want. The LS has behaved flawlessly since I started my search. Maybe it's afraid of being...
  6. StarPower

    Waiting Room

    @BigRigLS Thanks for posting that rant. I literally laughed out loud, although there was no rolling on the floor involved. It seems people either know everything you've ever done when there's no need to, or you have to give them the same information five times on five different forms...
  7. StarPower

    How often should the fuel filter be changed?

    Most cars with longer oil change intervals also have much larger sumps than the LS. The larger oil capacity both minimizes temperature spikes and increases the amount of contaminants the oil can absorb. These engines may also have tighter tolerances, minimizing the amount of contaminants...
  8. StarPower

    Remember the two door?

    My last two cars were two door. I've always liked the look of a large two door car, but they don't make a lot of those anymore. I considered a Mark VIII before I bought the LS, but I didn't have the time to wait until I found one in good condition. When I bought my Grand Prix in...
  9. StarPower

    Passenger door lock won't lock!!

    The piece that came looks could be blocking all movement, so you might still be able to take it apart and fix it. If not, you'll have the door apart for when you get a new actuator. Parts like this are probably dealer-only, especially on an uncommon car like the LS.
  10. StarPower

    I did use search first.....

    My car seems to ride more comfortably with higher tire pressure (effectively stiffer sidewall). It's very bouncy going over bumps at slow speed with the tires at 30 psi (Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 235/50-R17). I suspect that, as the suspension ages, it is no longer controlling rebound like it...
  11. StarPower

    Tires any suggestions?

    The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's tend to be one of the more expensive high performance all season tires, but everyone I know who's used them (I never have) has spoken very highly of them. I've used the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position on my CL55 (much higher performance car than the...
  12. StarPower

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Nice! That's probably my new favorite mod for the LS. As for me, all I've done recently is give the car a good wash yesterday, then take it for a nice long drive today. Here's the result: Please excuse the crappy photo. It was dark when I got home, so I used the light from the...
  13. StarPower

    Got another car.

    Nice! I love the color combo too. As good as the LS is, I still miss my '04 CL55 occasionally (it was wrecked before I bought the LS). I've been toying with the idea of getting another high end car (strongly leaning towards either a SL63 or XKR).
  14. StarPower

    How long have you owned your LS?

    I bought mine in February 2012 with about 70,000 mi. I keep going back and forth on whether I want to buy a newer car. The LS is a great car, but it's definitely showing its age. Working 80 - 100 hours per week doesn't leave a lot of time to fix things myself, but even dealership maintenance...
  15. StarPower

    Best cleaner for fuel?

    I've used it on other cars by sucking it in through a vacuum line. Problem is, you have to keep the revs up or the car stalls. Given the way the LS revs in park (very slowly), I'm not sure you'd be able to keep the engine running long enough to suck it in.
  16. StarPower

    Arrrg...hit by a bicyclist :|

    True. I meant how they're supposed to treat a stop sign (stop, ensure there's no oncoming traffic, etc).
  17. StarPower

    A funny story about the LS

    Nice story. Just be careful; she'll want to drive your car more often from now on. I always try to rent decent cars, but it seems they keep downgrading the classes. I remember when my Grand Prix was considered midsize. Now, even the fullsize category is filled with smaller cars than that...
  18. StarPower

    Hooniverse - Obsecure muscle car garage - Lincoln LS GenII

    I voted "I'm wondering if this was the last really desirable Lincoln ever..."
  19. StarPower

    Arrrg...hit by a bicyclist :|

    Too bad he fled the scene of the accident so you can't make him pay. In VA, bicycles are required to obey all traffic signals. Most of them just blow through red lights and stop signs, completely heedless of oncoming traffic. I especially hate when they squeeze through stopped traffic to blow...
  20. StarPower

    UberX with the LS

    How does this work with your insurance? My policy specifically excludes usage as a "public or livery conveyance," which means transporting people or goods for hire.