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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    I had the same issue and just fixed it about 5 minutes ago. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture while the panel was off but I'll try to describe it. Once I had the door panel off, I reached in the door and felt around. I found a little plastic cylinder. The window and the regulator clip...
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    Gen II front door panel removal

    Yep it worked for me too. As usual joegr is THE man. Thanks
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    Gen II front door panel removal

    So I just replaced the regulator, the window goes up and when it hits the top it goes back down halfway. What did I do wrong?
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    Gen II front door panel removal

    Ok thanks, I was trying to keep it propped up from inside the door somewhere. I guess some tape residue will come off.
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    Gen II front door panel removal

    What exactly did you tape? I've got the glass up but can't find a good spot
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    Worth the $600 I spent?

    Def worth $600 good find
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    looking for LvC window decals!

    I found an old one in a shoebox last week, it may be an original one... the syle,class & attitude part is gone, I remember cutting that off
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    Headlights, Before and After

    I tried the 3m kit a couple of weeks ago but the 500 grit barely did anything. Yours look very good btw
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    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    $4250 for a 2006, even with 171k it seems like a decent price
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    New coils & plugs, "Missy" is running like a champ again
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    $105 for nothing !!!!

    You already know what a bad coil/coils feel like you should have just ordered the parts.
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    Tale of 2 Lincoln's with pics

    I've also had both. I liked my 2001, I'm in love with my 2006.
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    new wheels