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  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 5600 Belleville Crossing, Belleville, Illinios.

    The cruise starts at 5pm till ????. I have a meeting at 7pm. I will be there around 7:30-8. My meeting is right down the road.
    They average around 50 or so vehicles. One of the employees has a 2000 LS black with chrome 20's. Nice guy. There are several local LS owners on LVC. I will start a thread about it to see if any members want to meet up for it. See if we can gat a small group of LSes to show up.
    Every now and then, I will take the LS into STL. I usually hit "The Lot"(St Peters) car cruise once a year. Friend and I like the hit Ronnies Plaza Cinema and catch the late show. I will take the LS out for that. I like cruising South County with the LS.....Second friday in August, Buffalo Wild Wings in Belleville has a car cruise. I plan to hit it. I want to try and get some other LVC LS owners to show up. Interested?
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