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    No more Mark.

    Yeah, when the guy picked up the car this morning I almost shed a tear. However the funniest thing was, as he drove away he gunned it! LMAO!!! I was like WTF? I will visit LVC whenever I get a chance, this I promise. If I ever come across other Lincoln or Cadillac owners, I will plug the...
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    No more Mark.

    The car is being donated to charity as a tax right off. One of my many good deeds this year.
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    No more Mark.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say that as of tomorrow the Mark VIII will be out of my life. But to me as a great community will not be missed that is for damn sure! I currently moved back to NYC towards the end of Sept and every week something was going on with my car. It pretty much became such...
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    Blew the cobra intake manifold up!

    If you need another upper manifold I have one that I may get rid of. Send me a message if you are interested and in need of one.
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    LMS CobraStar wire covers.

    Nice job, looks sweet!
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    Here She is.

    Congrats Bro!!!!
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    Global warming model WRONG

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    Lincoln & Ford concepts...

    I swear the MKR looks like K.I.T.T from the inside. xD
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    Rumbling Stumbling Fumbling....IAC/Tranny? Maybe?

    Car issue resolved. There was a miss on cylinder #1, which was a bad injector harrness. If you wiggle the connection, the car would misfire like crazy. Cleaned the connector and readjusted the pins, all is well. Good thing it wasnt anything major. :) Thanks for all the feedback, it is much...
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    Rumbling Stumbling Fumbling....IAC/Tranny? Maybe?

    Yeah, the car runs good when it is cold. However - when I get on it hard, that is when it seems to stutter really bad. I was thinking fuel pump, fuel filter, but the IMRC didn't cross my mind at all. :(
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    Rumbling Stumbling Fumbling....IAC/Tranny? Maybe?

    I hate to bring this thead back to life, but my car seems to be doing the exact samething. REV - what did you do to resolve this and what was the issue? thanks!
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    If George W. Bush...

    LOL - sure!
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    If George W. Bush...

    I am sorry, but graduating from Yale and Harvard takes BRAINS!!! So calling Bush stupid, does not make any sense to me.