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  • Yes! I am sorry you should have called me!!! I will put it in the mail tomorrow!!

    Tux is still slammed...JD could only get it to run for a few seconds when we used the scanner... since then nothing.... prior to that it was working for two weeks... I guess I am screwed.

    Thanks I will put scanner in mail tomorrow!! Is there any way I can send it from here to where it needs to go? If so call me 614-692-9939 (work) or my cell 614-560-6244 (cell)

    Hey I read that your the guru on here when it comes to air ride issues, and I called your shop, but no answer so I'll try a message here.

    My problem:
    Check air ride system light comes on at highway speeds, followed by lowering of the left front air strut. From that point on that side stays lowered (even if I slow down to city driving speed or park).
    When I reset the air ride switch and turn the key to "on" the compressor (louder than it should be) raises the car back up to it's normal height, then when I hit the highway the light comes on again.
    Last night I parked the car and let it sit - for 4 hours with the switch still on = nothing lowered. Then overnight with the switch off = nothing lowered.
    I wanted to make sure it's OKAY to drive with the air ride switched off so I can get it up to highway speed and see if the driver's side front lowers again. Is it okay to drive it switched off?
    Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.
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