WTF is this? Conversion?


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Mar 21, 2008
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New Milford NJ
Is this an Acura or a converted LS? The headlights are def ls. IDK!!! Looks cool


thats my boy tommy. he works for state farm and he sold that LS now. if anyone lives in houston and wants insurance let me know! hes a sponsor on a local forum here and has the best damn insurance rates around!
it's no LS. I guess you sell insurance?

I guess you;re talking about the LS in the background....
if you scroll all the way down the first car domain link it says its an acura with a lincoln ls front end
yeah that's what it says..the headlight are LS's but the kit..i really cant tell if its a LS

"it an acura legend with an lincoln ls 2001 front all wiling........the first one in houston tx......... "
I cant believe anyone would question it is not a LS.

The only thing LS on that car is the lights.
Thats what I was thinking;)

I have always wondered what some conversions would look like on a LS but it is almost perfect in style anyway. Even without body kits the LS looks pretty nice slammed and what not.

I say that legend is made up of different kits and a Skyline knock off front bumper is tossed in the mix next to the LS headlight conversion
It's a modernized Legend. The Legends are really showing their age now-a-days.

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