What have you done for the wife/girlfriend to justify spending money on your LS?

I booted her to the curb. The money saved on that alone was staggering!

But I am along the same lines as Telco. I've got better things to do then be someone's father figure, sugar daddy, or bitch. If they want to tell me I am not handling my business then fine, we can talk. But I am not going to worry about whether or not I can go spend a couple hundred a few times a year on my hobbies. I do find that most of the time this happens when she has no money/job, so I end up getting all the hate and frustration.

Took me 3 years to figure this out.. 3 months single and i've bought new everything! But she is still finding ways to make my life miserable.
Agreed... But she's more fun than you and your LS....

Definitely..... To bad we can't get just her and the LS to me us to BS.:p ..... Dude, you got a great woman there. Lucky son of a gun.:)

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