What did you do to your LS today?

well...I've been out of the loop for a while with work and all. my rear sub's blew about 2 months ago and I bought some kicker 6x9's. they fit perfect without drilling any extra holes. I also switched the fronts to kicker 6x8's and had the whole stereo re-wired so the 6x9's don't put out just bass. I tinted the car 20% all around too and it looks great. pics to come later if I remember how to put them on here
Today climbed under the car and retightened nuts and bolts on suspension parts and other components. Finished using SEM color bond to spray dye my leather seats. Perfect match! LS is 01 model, seats were pretty dirty but no rips or tears. Used alcohol to rub down seats then masked off outside edges, used old bed sheet to cover other areas in vehicle, then sprayed on the dye. Excellent results. The dye does feel stiff to the touch, but seats look great!
New rear tie rod ends came in, have to fix the driver side window on my truck before I can install. Otherwise both vehicles are down. Going to be soon though, because I'm starting to detect rear steering.

In fact, anyone who wanted to convert their LS to 4 wheel steering, all the components are in place. Just have to figure a way to turn the rear wheels the correct way. Chevy had 4 wheel steering on their trucks for a few years (didn't sell well) so the thinking has already been done if anyone wanted to modify. I do not want to do this, just throwing it out.
also broke alot IIRC. i saw a few with the rear stuck full one way.

Not surprising. The claim was that failure meant it would stop turning and track straight, but that claim ignored the obvious possibility of a mechanical failure. Still, it would be a cool mod for "someone else" to do. :D Right up there with Lambo doors and TV screens in the trunk.
Fn raining today, started washing the LS yesterday (handwash), it's in the garage, got as far as polishing it late last night,
need to finish it and the entire interior today as I'm taking some VIP's to the airport tomorrow. Needs to be 100% clean by then.
Vinegar on the waterspots, took apart the passenger door and soldered a window clip back together (replacements on order), raked the leaves out of the interior with a vacuum, fixed the auto windshield washer sensor and spent some time rubbing the dirt off...


well since i got her back i finally painted the grille thats been sitting at home while the car was at the shop

gave her a bath and installed the grille i think it looks better


then painted chrome last year

now all black

just need to order some new emblems



Haven't been around much been really swamped with weddings and vacation, but Saturday I got the VGC's done (finally - thx mlara) and Sunday I changed all the plugs, cleaned out a ton of oil in the wells, cleaned the coils, cleaned the air filter and a bit of some other random stuff in the engine bay. Fired her up today, it's driving like the first day I got it again. No more subtle shakes from the engine, feels stronger... this weekend I'm going to attempt to tackle brakes, ss brake lines, tuning, and fuel filter... If all goes well I'll get at least one thing on that list done ... :)
What didn't I do this week.

Replaced both front hub assemblies with Timken assemblies
Replace all four springs with Eibach springs
Replaced all four shocks with Motorcraft sport shocks
Replaced rear toe links with Deeza ones
Replaced rear sway bar links with Moog ones
Replaced both cats with Magnaflow cats
Deleted the 3rd cat
Installed Maganflow cat back exhaust
Oh, and replaced my cabin air filter.

Had all that done by a garage, with an alignment for less than $300.00

Couldn't be happier.
Well I never got any pics of it while it was up in the air so I don't have any pics of a nice stainless exhaust, I am in love with the ride height despite being on stock 17's. As far as video goes, I was planning on making a nice HD one with my camera I just got to get around to doing it. I only got the car back yesterday at 7, cut me some slack man!

I also have to clean it, its really dirty.
well since i got her back i finally painted the grille thats been sitting at home while the car was at the shop

gave her a bath and installed the grille i think it looks better

View attachment 828462431

then painted chrome last year
View attachment 828462432

now all black
View attachment 828462433

just need to order some new emblems

New emblems below.


Where are you exactly in Galveston? I'm in League city. let me know maybe we can get together sometime.
newbie here

just bought a 2004 V8 with 80k miles on her. silver with the grey/stone interior with metallic-look trim.

what should i do to her? i'm thinking about plasti-dip dark the wheels, grill, and plate surround out back. i figure the dark grey/black would contrast nicely with the silver paint. i'd love some HID headlights with angel eyes but don't have a dremel tool to do it myself.
Finished up a coolant flush. Pulled the third brake light housing because the rubber gasket wasn't attached. Cleaned the bugs out and rubbed a little Meguiar's Plastix into the lens while i had it out.
I promised it, I would soon be done stacking the firewood so she can get back into the garage.
By November 7th, she'll be off the road and into storage. Got a lot of work to do this winter.
Well yesterday I "saw" the light sorta speak.

Yep...traded in the LS for this beut:


I tell ya...leather? Who needs it...these cardboard seats are the best.

V8? No way...I can get the same gas mileage out of a V6 front wheel drive.

I tell yeah....I've missed the amount of road noise a car can have...it's like music to my ears.

I know I was wrong in the LS....ha
So when you getting those wheels on, evilpleasure?

It's about sickening the story behind those Rials.

Sure enough the one was bent and I took it back to the shop I bought them from. They had the wheel fixed for about 150 bucks...but the shop that fixed the wheel shredded the tire that was on it.

So the shop asked me if they could just give me my money back so they can get a new set of tires on them and try to resell them for a much higher cost.

They really got screwed and they were a great bunch of guys so I took my money back and gave them the wheels back.

They weren't my first choice of wheels, but the price I couldn't pass them up.

Oh well....I'll find some wheels for my NEW 2007 Chevy Impala instead!!! (not)

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