What did you do to your Continental today?

2nd coat of ceramic today. Original coat was done about 14 months ago. So did a maintenance coat today. Pics do zero justice! She glows!!!



I bought these badges after I bought my ’02 a couple of years ago.
I never put them on because they looked too big.
I don’t mind adding badges in certain cases, as long as they are relevant, blend in, and don’t make the car look like a ghetto wagon.
Since it has been raining down here for what seems like forever, I was fooling around in the garage and came across them.
I stuck one on the driver’s side.
I don’t have enough room in my garage to stand back a ways and see how it really looks.
I’ll leave it on and look at it when it stops raining and I can get the car outside.
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Facing the wrong way
I used my Continental to take care of a couple of errands this past Tuesday.
I went to start the car Wednesday afternoon – no start – it cranked over but would not fire up.
Being old and lazy, I had AAA take it to my mechanic.

He found it had 6-7 psi fuel pressure - a bad fuel pump.
He dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump/sending unit, and a new fuel filter.
Bank account is now reduced by $415.

Assuming the pump was the original pump, it lasted 83000 miles – 20 years.

Thinking back over the years, of all the cars I've owned – some new and some older – and some almost qualifying as junkers – this is the first time that I've had a fuel pump go bad.

The only good thing I can say, it was quite considerate of the old pump to quit while sitting in my garage, not out in the middle of nowhere.
I technically did this yesterday but whatever. It's a shock tower brace from my subaru I made work! Not perfect but better than the factory thing that stripped out when I had previously tried to tighten it. Holds with two of the three bolts. Also I live on dirt so my engine is dirty.


Had a minor run in with a deer, so installed a new (used) bumper. Painted the top of the grille body color while I was at it.


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